Coco’s Cafe Review

A few years ago I remember eating breakfast at a cafe in West End and getting bacon, eggs and coffee for under $10. More recently I’ve resigned myself to having to pay $15 or $20 for a good breakfast at a cafe and assumed that inflation had killed the ‘value’ I once experienced.

I was wrong. You just have to go further to find it. Coco’s at Currimundi on the Sunshine Coast keeps the dream alive with a buy-one-get-one-free special that is reeling them in. $8 will get you two plates of fried eggs, bacon, toast and blanched tomato in a casual lakeside cafe setting.

On the Sunday morning that we were there the place was full to overflowing so much so that we had to ask for an additional table to be set up for us which the staff handled without a problem. We expected to be in for a decent wait due to the crowd but our capaccino ($2.80) and iced coffee ($3.50 made with espresso!) appeared inside 5 minutes and our meals were not far behind.

The food was cooked well and the serving plentiful with the eggs delivered sunny side up. I didn’t see any eggs cooked differently so I’m not sure whether they are flexible on this point, but it certainly wasn’t doing Coco’s any harm.

Amusingly there is another cafe positioned opposite Coco’s that offers similar fare with out the 2-4-1 special. There were no more than 6 people inside which for a Sunday morning a week before Christmas must be surely be ringing alarm bells.

Coco’s gets a Highly Recommended for quick clean service, decent food and amazing value.

Coco’s Beach Cafe

Cnr Westaway Parade & Watson Street
Currimundi map
07 5493 4173

Visited on Sunday, 21 December 2008

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  1. lila says:

    Fabulous deal, excellent coffee and service. A happy environment. Well done.

  2. hannah says:

    Coco’s ze place of teh breakfast!!!

  3. GS says:

    We holiday at Currimundi every X’mas and Coco’s is the place to head for a cheap yet tasty eat. Bit of a local institution!

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