The Lure Restaurant Review

There is one restaurant in Brisbane that I’ve eager to visit since it opened in 2005. The Lure restaurant at The Coro Hotel in Milton has a reputation (and the awards to back it up) for Brisbane’s best seafood and until last week I hadn’t had an opportunity, or the budget to see if their reputation holds true.

To give you the short version: It’s as good as everyone says it is.

Three years isn’t particularly long in the restaurant industry, but Lure has already managed to establish itself at the top of the food chain. They’ve won Queensland’s Best Seafood Restaurant 3 times in 3 years as well as Best Informal Dining and Best New Restaurant. So when I received an invitation for lunch on someone else’s tab there was simply no way I was going to miss out.

Lure restaurant is located upstairs at the swank establishment known as The Coro in Milton. The building and the fittings have won almost as many awards as the food but considering the quality of the food and the prices being charged I feel the restaurant area needs a dash more elegance and polish. The décor and settings are minimal which may work for a lot of places in Brisbane that have views but there’s nothing to see at Lure and as such I think they need to do more with the interior design to bring it into line with the quality of everything else they do.

If you’re into seafood, the menu is as good as gets. We started with an Entrée Tasting Plate ($29 for one / $44 to share) which had oysters natural and Rockefeller, mixed sashimi, spiced scallops and soft shell crab.

The entrée was delicious with the soft shell crab and scallops a particular standout. The oysters were Sydney Rock Oysters sourced from Stradbroke Island and tasted particularly fresh.

We moved on to mains and ordered Grilled Cone Bay Barramundi and soft shell crab ($38), Tasmanian Ocean Trout on scallop and spinach risotto ($34) and a whole baked snapper ($36~). If you happen to be dining with someone who’s not a huge fan of seafood, Lure also has options including duck breast with tempura bok choy ($37) and several cuts of Black Angus steak ($35/$39) and grilled haloumi ($27) as a lone vegetarian dish.

I must mention that our mains took quite a while to arrive which was not a problem as we had no time constraints and were enjoying each others company and conversation but if you had popped in for a quick business lunch then this may have been an issue.

The service had me worried initially; a waiter asked if he could ‘borrow’ our menus briefly as not all of our table had arrived as they had apparently ‘run out’ of menus and another table needed them. I’ve never had that happen before… We also had a drinks order go missing and had to re-order. When the order did arrive the waitress managed to spill the top of a beer. Not a good start for any restaurant. The service recovered though and during our meal they managed to top up our wine glasses and clear our plates while remaining almost invisible which was much more inline with our expectations.

My Tasmanian Ocean Trout was the best trout I’ve had. The fillet was quite large, perfectly cooked with the skin crisp and the flesh moist. The scallop and spinach risotto was an excellent compliment with half a dozen scallops for me to devour. I’d definitely order this again. There was nothing but praise from my companions for their meals and the whole baked snapper was an impressive dish, particularly as the waitress offered to remove the spine and bones at the half way point, a feat that made us forget about the earlier service shortcomings.

We also had a side of hand cut chips with aioli and chilli jam ($7) and mixed vegetables ($8) which we didn’t manage to finish. In retrospect I don’t think we really needed them.

Lure restaurant does some seriously good seafood and I hope it doesn’t take me another 3 years to get back there. It’s a really good option for something a bit fancy if you don’t want to head into the CBD and is definitely worth looking into if you’re a fan of fish.

Highly Recommended.

The Lure Restaurant

The Coro
28 McDougall Street
Milton map
07 3369 9955

Fully licenced

Visited on Thursday, 11 December 2008

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