The Regatta Street Café Review

The Regatta hotel is one of my most disliked places in Brisbane. At night it’s full of CUBs and uni students all trying to be too cool for school. The DJs play rubbish and the women dress like Paris Hilton. The Regatta also has the Boatshed Restaurant, a place I’ve eaten at several times and I don’t have many kind words for the food it churns out either.
The BLATImagine my surprise then, when I found myself truly enjoying breakfast at The Regatta’s Street Café this week. This meal alone has removed The Regatta from my “avoid at all costs” list and has secured it as a great place to go for breakfast if you’re in West Brisbane, and you can’t be arsed dragging yourself to Paddington / New Farm / West End.

Breakfast is served from 7am and the menu is compact but covers the essentials. There’s a few light options based around fresh fruit or muesli and yoghurt (under $9) and a good selection of egg focused dishes including omelettes, Eggs Benedict and the standard eggs and bacon ($10 – $15). They also do pancakes with bacon and maple syrup ($11), which is a personal favourite and hard to find on a menu in its own right.

We settled on The Regatta ($15, aka big breakfast) and a BLAT – Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato on Turkish bread ($10) as well as an orange juice and cappuccino (both $3.50).

Service was excellent and hassle-free. Our drinks and meals appeared promptly and when we ordered sauce on the side it actually appeared in its own small vessel on the side of the plate, as opposed to a puddle on the plate which has the potential to launch me into a murderous rage and otherwise cock up my morning.

The Regatta was a good-sized plate of two eggs served anyway-you-want, bacon, blanched tomato, sausages, toast, mushrooms, a hash brown and a pile of rocket. In this instance there were only two smallish rashers of bacon, but after you’ve eaten everything else on the plate I doubt you’ll be complaining. Of particular note were the mushrooms, which were large and cooked just right; another way to put me in a good mood.
The Regatta
The BLAT on Turkish was also great and had a decent pile of bacon. The bread was fresh and crisp and the only way I could fault it was the inclusion of both mayonnaise and BBQ sauce, which made the avocado difficult to distinguish. Next time I’d request the BBQ sauce be omitted. If you’re feeling especially hungry you can also add extra bacon / sausages / toast / mushrooms / whatever to your meal and the prices are disclosed on the menu.

The Street Café is an accurate name as the venue is alfresco only, and sits on the Sylvan Road side of the Regatta. There was no music playing while we were there, and you could comfortably sit back with a paper and watch the morning’s happenings on Coro drive. The Street Café also does lunch and dinner, but I doubt I’d be able to write a favourable review after 7pm regardless of what was served up.

Breakfast at the Street Café is, in my opinion, the best thing the Regatta has going for it. I’ll definitely be going back.

The Regatta Hotel’s Street Cafe

543 Coronation Drive
Toowong map
07 3871 9595

Fully licensed

Visited on Friday, 9 January 2009

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  1. 08/06/2011

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