Genies Cafe Review

If I ever open a cafe, I’m going to model it on Genies at the University of Queensland, St Lucia. Genies doesn’t do amazing food, have faultless service or particularly interesting decor, but the reason I would choose to emulate them is that they do everything slightly better than average.

And when you do everything slightly better than average, it adds up. I’d much rather eat at Genies which would score a solid B+ in every category than eat somewhere that oscillates, ranging between an A to D+.

Genies follows the KISS formula, a selection of simple lunch options that doesn’t change too often. Combine this with the ability to make great Merlo Lavazza coffee and get everything to your table briskly so that your lunch break is unhurried and free of indigestion, and it’s a sure fire way to ensure happy customers.

It also helps that the most expensive thing on the menu is $12.50.

So when I was on campus last week for a catch up, Genies was the obvious place for lunch. Genies also does brekky from 7am and has the best thick shakes ($5) within a kilometre, but for this lunch my companion and I chose a Beef Burger ($10.50) and Lamb Souvlaki Pizza ($10).

The pizza was very good; the lamb was full of flavour, and the fetta was gooey and was complimented nicely by the yoghurt dressing. I’m a bit of a fan of lamb souvlaki and this pizza was an enjoyable adaptation. The bread base was cooked through, which should go without saying, but it seems to be something others have trouble with.
My companion’s beef burger was large enough to require cutting in half, and I heard no word of complaint. Beetroot is included as standard, which is a must in my books, and the burger is served with enough chips to ward off those 3:30pm tummy rumbles.

Neither of the meals would win an award but more importantly I couldn’t fault them – just well priced, good quality food.

So many places these days seem to focus on making every dish ‘exciting’ by tweaking the bread or using olive oil from a place I’ve never heard of, and subsequently falling down in the basics. A sandwich is still a sandwich, so perhaps skip the fancy stuff until you can put an un-chipped plate in front of your customer with a quality dish on it, at a price that’s value for money, and in good time.

Genies does this extremely well.

Genies Cafe

Ground Floor
Queensland Biosciences Precinct (Building 80)
The University of Queensland
St Lucia map

07 3871 1590

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