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Burgers are the bomb. Everyone likes them. Even vegans and health nuts enjoy digging into a tofu gluten-free organic concoction. Me, I’m quite partial to the odd filthy Cheeseburger at the end of a night out. Although, there comes a time when one yearns for a burger that is tasty, juicy, fresh, and a teensy bit fancy…

…one yearns for Grill’d. Grill’d is a relatively new burger chain that claims to make “healthy burgers” using 95% fat free beef, chicken breasts that have been trimmed of all fat, and fresh burger trimmings. While no one’s saying they ought to be replacing level two of the food pyramid, I’d say they are probably the healthiest restaurant/take away burger you can find. Their menu is quite extensive and offers regular burger options like the Simply Grill’d (burger patty, salad, $7.90), as well as more exotic fare such as the Morrocan Lamb (lamb, roasted peppers, tzatziki, salad, relish, $11.50). There are vegetarian burgers and a kiddies menu, as well as a gluten-free bun option.

On a recent Saturday night, D and I visited the Rosalie location of Grill’d. There’s a lot of seating both indoors and out, and orders were completed quickly despite the busy dinner crowd. I ordered the Bird & Brie ($10.90): a chicken breast with brie cheese, salad, and cranberry sauce. D went for the beef and got the Crispy Bacon & Cheese ($9.90), which consisted of a beef patty, bacon, cheese, salad, relish, and herbed mayo. We also got a snack sized chips ($4.30) with some herbed mayo dipping sauce (70cents).

Wait. Give me a moment. I need to talk about the herbed mayo, just for a second. This stuff makes me drool. I pledge my first born to the creator of this delectable condiment. I would happilly roll in a vat of it, just so I could smell like it all day long. It’s like a cross between aioli and the sauce on a Hungry Jack’s chicken burger. It’s creamy, it’s herb-y, and it goes well on chips, burgers, and fingertips.
Chicken Burger
Back to it hey. Our food arrived quickly, and although Grill’d don’t waste time on fancy presentation, the burgers looked awesome. Stacked high on a soft panini bun was a grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, and a gooey pile of brie cheese (left). Cranberry sauce was spread thickly on one half, which was the winner at bringing this burger together. The sweet sauce went perfectly with the brie cheese, and the chicken was very tender and not at all dry.

I admit I had burger envy though. D’s bacon and cheese (below left) had a classic look to it that reminded me of a fish’n’chip shop burger (minus the grease and sanitation issues). A pile of bacon and tasty cheese complemented the juicy beef patty, and the herbed mayo-well. We know about the herbed mayo.Bacon Burger

Grill’d’s chips are a bit pricey, but are of a very good quality. They’re thick cut, seasoned with herbs, and have a slight beer-battered texture and taste.

There are elements of Grill’d that are confusing – is it a casual take away joint, or something more? They’re licenced, but it’s well priced (Coronas $7). It’s table service, but waiters trot around yelling your name. Prices are cheaper than your average cafe or pub, but the servings are huge and the quality is top-notch.

Although service is friendly and efficient, they really need to get a better ordering system. As it stands, there’s no numbers or table markers. On a previous visit, we didn’t hear our name being called even though the waiter must have walked past our table several times. I don’t understand why they don’t introduce a number system. With burgers (and herbed mayo) this good, I do not want to be waiting any longer than I have to.


19/21 Nash St
Rosalie map


(also at Bulimba, Ascot, Coolangatta, Frotitude Valley, Chermside & locations in VIC and NSW)

07 3367 1555

Licensed & BYO

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  1. Marty says:

    I’d just like to say that the Grill’d at Mt Gravatt have batman comics… EEEEEEE! : )

  2. Was in Brisbane for 5 days – and one of those involved Grilld. Can’t go wrong!

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