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I would do a lot for sushi. Heck, I’ve been known to choke down day-old rolls just because I needed a fix. But join a line up half a block long, made up of hungry, anxious office workers? The answer is, if the line leads to the magic that is LR Sushi, I will be marching over and possibly even pushing in. Little old ladies, beware.

I’ve seen the line for LR’s Queens Plaza store, and that baby has legs. It runs down Adelaide St and just keeps on going. “How can a couple of hand rolls be that good?” I used to ask myself.

My work pal took me to LR sushi on Felix St last week, and the line up was a little more forgiving (just 10 people or so).

There was so much choice in the cabinet. The hand rolls were huge, stuffed with such fillings like Japanese omelette; fried chicken; tuna and avocado; smoked salmon; and every Westerner’s favourite: the California mix.

LR sushi closeup

I grabbed a tuna and avocado and yes, I got a California roll-mainly because it was of the ‘inside out’ (seaweed on the inside) variety which I love. They were both $2.80, which might seem a bit steep, but they are definitely much bigger than your average roll.


You can help yourself after ordering to the huge bowls of chopsticks, pickled ginger packets, soy sauce sachets, and wasabi sachets. This was great – no one likes paying 20 cents for a soy sauce sachet any more than they like paying 20 cents for tomato sauce for their meat pie. Extra kudos for that, LR!

The rolls are made fresh in the kitchen, where workers churn out about 3000 pieces a day. The rolls we had on our visit were fantastic. Despite being crammed with so much filling that there was overhang, they held together very well. The tuna mixture had a sweet flavour and wasn’t too soggy, and the California was even better. The crab tasted like actual fish (not seafood filler), the vegies were fresh, and the seaweed on the inside meant I had a much more intense taste of everything.

LR sushi closeup 2

My work buddy couldn’t finish the rest of her fried chicken roll, and these bad boys are so filling that I wasn’t even going to attempt it. Don’t let the line-up at LR put you off. It moves very quickly, and no wonder: service is fast and efficient, yet friendly. But honestly, I wouldn’t care if they threw my nori at me and spat in my face. As long as I can get my hands on these babies, I will fall at the feet of LR sushi.

LR Sushi

Felix St (near the corner of Mary St)
Brisbane CBD map

(also in Queens Plaza on Adelaide St and MacArthur Central on Queen St)

07 3210 6618
LR Sushi

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  1. Heatherjoy says:

    Love LR Sushi, but I would clarify that all the rolls are $2.00 each not $2.80 which makes them on the very inexpensive side. If you get there early enough – around 11.30am there is no queue!

  2. ally says:

    Ah, nice one Heather! Hmm I think some of the rolls are a bit more than $2 each though..I might just have to go back to double-check 🙂

  3. Sam Smith says:

    Most rolls are $2 with varities like soft shell crab around $2.80. There is a new store in mccarther central and the wait is never longer than 5-10 mins.

  4. ally says:

    Ahh! Thanks for the info, Sam. Another store you say? Excellent!

  1. 17/01/2010

    […] The Jetsetting Parents are pretty fussy with their sushi, but they can’t stop raving about LR Sushi at QueensPlaza. Apparently Brisbane office workers have also pegged it as a popular lunch spot. Eat Drink Brisbane also gave it a rave review. […]

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