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I’m a terrible social activist.

I don’t give money to charity as often as I should; I shy away from people waving copies of The Big Issue; and I change the channel to The Simpsons when Somalia comes on TV.

It’s not that I don’t want to help. But why must it always involve me handing over my credit card details? Isn’t there something else I can do? And can’t it be really simple?

Luckily for unengaged, lazy, tight-arse people such as myself, Blue Gulabi has made it easy to give and feel good about it. All you have to do is eat their curry once a month.

Eat curry? Is that it? Well, in that case I’ll be happy to help. Pass me a fork!

Blue Gulabi is a family run Indian take-away / restaurant in Woolloongabba that on the first day of each month will donate 15% of the day’s income to a charity. To make this even easier, they have a special $10 curry buffet on the day which gets you a plate with as many curries as you can fit on it and a complimentary entrée and dessert.

This is my kind of cause and I’m proud to say that I made it along this month and dragged seven of my friends with me to support Blue Gulabi’s charity of the month, SHE, which helps stop child prostitution in Cambodia.

I made a booking a couple of days in advance thinking that every man and his dog were going to be as excited about $10 curry as I. Interestingly, I called a few hours prior to arriving to adjust numbers slightly and was told, “Oh but we don’t take bookings.” Eh?! Then what did I book?

It turns out we needn’t have bothered as Blue Gulabi is basically a hole-in-the-wall take away restaurant with seating for about eight inside and another six outside. When we arrived we had a 10 minute wait while an earlier group finished their desserts and headed off. This lack of popularity floored me – does no one know that there is $10 curry here? Or am I about to find out that there’s a good reason to stay away?

The $10 special gets you an entrée of half a pappadum and what I think was a large vegetable pakora, with a large plate of rice and your choice of curries. You also get dessert, which is a small Styrofoam cup containing ‘pudding’ made from sweet sticky rice. Not quite what I had mind when I read ‘complimentary entrée and dessert’ but for $10, who the hell cares as long as it tastes good. We also ordered a stack of naans ($3 ea) to accompany our curry because eating Indian curry without naan is like eating a snag without bread – people will look at you funny.

The curry was good all in all. 14 different varieties to choose from (five veg, nine meat) with all the bases covered. There was vindaloo for the cowboys and butter chicken and lamb korma for those with a delicate rear-end. Bizarrely, even though we were eating quite early (at 6:45pm) the butter chicken had been exhausted and a couple of the other dishes were looking to be in short supply. But we all ended up with a plate piled with curry and I didn’t hear any complaints.

Unfortunately the naan really wasn’t up to scratch. It was hard, crispy, and almost biscuit-like in texture. There was simply no way it was going to mop anything up off the plate. Although we ordered a variety of flavours I really couldn’t tell them from each other and we ended up not touching a lot of it.

It’s worth noting our meals were served on throwaway Styrofoam plates and cups with plastic knives and forks. Normally I don’t really have a problem with this considering the price point, but one of my friends made the keen observation that it was all headed for landfill and it seemed a shame we had to punish the environment while trying to support a good cause.

Service throughout was warm, friendly and chatty, exactly what you’d expect from a family business, but it was obvious that they really weren’t expecting much of a turn out and seemed very happy to have us.

The bottom line on Blue Gulabi is that for $10 I can’t complain. Yes, you can get better curry elsewhere and there’s no doubt that Blue Gulabi has a lot of work to do if they hope to make regular patrons out of any of us. But I’m happy to throw some support behind them on the 1st of the month and hope that you will too. Next month the Heart Foundation will be benefiting and it’s definitely a easy way to help.

Blue Gulabi

Gabba Central
Shop 19C / 803 Stanley St
Woolloongabba map

07 3391 1576

Visited on Monday, 1 June 2009

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