Boardwalk Bar and Bistro Review

Ah, 5pm on Friday. The end of the working week and the start of the weekend. I, like so many city dwellers mark this point in the week by grabbing my sociable co-workers and making a beeline for the pub.

Over the years I’ve tried pretty much every bar there is in the CBD, and have established a list of criteria in my head that will ensure a good start to the weekend. A decent Friday night pub must have:

  • Cheap drinks, so that you can start to forget the week that was… in bulk,
  • Snack options, because drinking on an empty stomach is just going to end in tears (and the gutter),
  • An atmosphere that is relaxed, bubbling and welcoming (if a place is popular with pretentious wanker banker types then count me out), and
  • Available seats on which to sit.

Some may say that I’m being unreasonable to expect all of this from a venue, and I’m sure more than a few of you would consider point 1 as being the only criteria worth considering.
Exterior View
There is, however, a place I’ve found that consistently meets all the above: Boardwalk Bar and Bistro on Eagle St, at the base of the Riparian plaza.

On a Friday night you can get a jug of beer with a bowl of chips for less than $14, so that satisfies the drinks and nibbles (basics are $6 and winos can join the fray from $7 a glass). Boardwalk also has an excellent view of the Story Bridge which you can appreciate when you’re not examining the contents of your glass. On my most recent Friday night escapade Boardwalk even had table service! I must say, the concept of sending attractive women to the bar to do my bidding was rather appealing.

There’s a lot of seating, both inside and out, and the whole place manages to make me feel comfortable-whether it’s been a serious tie and shirt kinda day or I’m slumming it in jeans and tee.

They also have food options all day but experience has taught me that a decent bowl of chips isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of the kitchen’s ability to do anything else. I’d subsequently recommend you try elsewhere when the deep fried carbs are no longer cutting it and the 7pm hunger pains kick in. If you need ideas try Verve or Groove Train.

A couple of hours at Boardwalk on a Friday afternoon is an excellent way to start your weekend. Bottoms up.

Boardwalk Bar + Bistro

Boardwalk Level Riparian Plaza
71 Eagle St
CBD map

(07) 3221 0026
Boardwalk Bar and Bistro

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