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Yeah, it’s been freaking cold in Brisbane this week. It’s hard to get out of bed. You can see your breath in the air. You yelp whenever your partner’s icy feet repeatedly touch yours in bed (you know who you are). Well, I say suck it up. This is Brisbane. It’s not that damn cold. Take off your beanie (you can’t pull it off anyway), brave the chill, and head over to Gelateria Cremona.

“It’s too cold for ice cream!” I hear you wail. Is it? Is it too cold for Ferrero Rocher gelati, with actual chunks of Ferrero Rocher? Is it too chilly for a fresh waffle cone topped with Tiramisu, perhaps a little double chocolate? Yeah. I didn’t think so.

On a recent visit to this Rosalie gelati shop I ordered the said Ferrero and the Tiramisu, with the latter being the best. It actually tasted just like the coffee and sponge layered dessert; most places wack ‘Tiramisu’ on a coffee gelati and think they can get away with it. The Ferrero was also good, but wasn’t as creamy as ones that I’ve had before.
gelateria cremona case

I went with my fellow ice cream fiend, D, who ordered Chocolate and the Rum’n’Raisin (below, on the left). The Rum’n’Raisin tasted like the Bundy bear was having a party in your mouth. A few more scoops and I might have started picking fights and busting a move on a dancefloor somewhere. The chocolate was, well, chocolatey. A good basic that wasn’t overly sweet.

Call me crazy but none of them tasted as creamy as they usually do. I might just be smoking something though; D mumbled through a mouthful of chocolate something that sounded like, “you are nuts it is delicious.” There you go.

One thing that is very admirable about Gelateria Cremona is they usually have very unusual flavours. I know you can get Red Bull and the like at some places, but think more along the lines of seasonal offerings: ANZAC cookies! Hot cross buns! Christmas Pudding! I will be tearing into the place come December 1, and I don’t even like the holiday dessert.
gelateria cremona upclose

There’s seating inside and out, and service is fine but it can get a little tedious waiting in line when it’s busy. Prices are a little on the steep side compared to other gelati places (from memory, about $3.30 for a single and rather smallish scoop), but the stuff tastes pretty fresh with no chemically-enhanced aftertaste.

So c’mon. Forget hot chocolate. Wave a (temporary) goodbye to a baked pudding. Slurp up some gelati, and if you still aren’t man enough for it, wear some mittens.

Gelateria Cremona
5/151 Baroona Road
Rosalie map

(07) 3367 0212

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5 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    P.S: I've also just found out from their friendly owners that the makers have been trained in the traditional, artisan Italian way of making gelati!

  2. Gazman says:

    I live nearby and I go to Gelateria Cremona frequently. It offers the best ice cream in Brisbane by a country mile! The gelato is made the proper italian way using fresh in-season ingredients, and made on the premise. The owners are lovely people. Go! Highly recommended!

  3. admin says:

    I hope the new xmas pudding arrives soon!

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