La Dolce Vita (city) review

Mid-shop pit-stop

Shopping in the Queen Street Mall can be a bit of a pain. Not the shopping/buying/trying on pretty things part (I’m a shopper from way back. I obsess. I lie. I tell my mother it was on sale when it wasn’t. I have a problem). I’m talking about the little break you need to take after the first few hours. You’re after somewhere easy where you can grab a coffee, maybe a sugar hit, but you don’t want to walk a mile. I’ve always had a problem with the mall for this: options are to either brave a food court, or lash out at one of the borderline expensive mall restaurant/bars.

Enter La Dolce Vita – a little cafe stand which I thought, until recently, was just a little cafe stand. No more! La Dolce Vita now has a seating area for customers in the mall. It’s got umbrellas, it’s not right next to another cafe so there’s a bit of privacy, and it’s within reach of the joys of Queen’s Plaza. Excellent!

We just grabbed coffees the other day, but they were both very good. My cappuccino was nice and frothy with a good sprinkling of chocolate (I’m on of ‘those people’-the ones that lick their lid) and D’s latte was creamy and smooth, with no trace of bitterness. I spotted some cannoli in the cabinet too – cannoli! Do you know how hard it is to find cannoli in Brisbane?! I haven’t seen any decent ones since a recent foray to New Farm. I had to tear myself away, but I will be hitting them up like a fat kid on a bowl of cake batter next time.

In addition to the cannoli they also offer other pastries, cakes, sandwhiches and foccacias. The foccacias are a bit of a spin on what most people are used to as well – nothing too crazy, but the fillings and bread texture looked very similar to what I have seen in Italy. Viva authenticity!

La Dolce Vita

Queen Street Mall (outside Wintergarden)
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