Quick bites: 19 June

Beat the chill: ways to warm your belly this week

1. Take note from other cold climates and do as the English do: High Tea, dahling. Old Government House re-opened a couple of weeks ago, and has been brought to life with refurbishments, guided tours, and a very awesome High Tea. There’s a little cafe/tea house tucked away inside (near the old stables-cool!), offering a full High Tea with ribbon sandwiches, cakes, leaf tea, and lamingtons. It’s said that OGH is the birthplace of the lamington. I think that just made the $25 High Tea pricetag worth it! Visit www.ogh.qut.edu.au for more information on getting some hot tea into your tum.

2. Wrap your hands around a mug of liquid heaven. Shock horror, I’m not referring to beer! Get yourself to the new Max Brenner at Robina Town Centre, to try one of the many delicious chocolate-y drinks on offer. I was so excited when I found out that the successful chocolate cafe franchise had opened in Queensland. It’s at the Gold Coast, so that hour drive may tire you out. I therefore recommend you also get a chocolate pizza to replenish your energy levels. Once you’ve warmed your mits, you might want to head down the road and try the first ever Queensland Max Brenner at Main Beach. Got to keep the body moving to warm up, right?

3. Speaking of getting the body moving, why not watch a bunch of other people exert themselves why you sit calmly, scoff some chips, and sip a beer (or four?). Game Two of The State of Origin is on this Wednesday (24/6), and is also a good chance to warm up by jumping around like a dickhead cheering for your favourite team. Head to your local to grab dinner and watch the game, because secretly we all love a greasy, slightly nasty pub meal. Or you could huddle under the bed covers with some Tim Tams, turn your phone off, and say, “Oh yeah I was at my cousin’s friend’s brother’s places for it.” Not that I’m planning on doing that. Go the…Reds? MAROOOOOOONS!!!! QUEENSLANDER!!!! (EDIT by Nick, sorry Ally)

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