Quick Bites: June 10

The good, the naughty, and the downright delicious: what’s simmering in Brisbane’s hot pot this week.

1. Have a saintly cake and a cuppa. “But eating cake is always saintly!”, I hear you cry. Well, sure it is. I perform acts of chocolatey saintliness nearly every day. But the cake you’ll eat during an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea event is in the super-saint category. Attend an event, hold an event, or grab a cheap Woolies mud slab and donate some cash instead. All monies raised go towards helping the good people at the Cancer Council. Officially, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea was on May 28th, but you can still hold an event anytime in June.

2. Embrace some sinly sucrose. You’ll feel like more of a devil if you visit the new Freestyle Tout in West End. It opened early this month and joins its Fortitude Valley venue in dishing up super-rich, super-sweet, super-sinful desserts. What do you mean I’ve already had my cheat-meal this week? Dessert is a snack, right? Dine with the devil at 220 Melbourne St, West End.

3. Satisfy your good and your bad side. We need calcium. We also need to indulge solely in one fatty food for an entire day. Please both the devil and the angel sitting on your shoulder at Cheese Tastes 09. It’s on this Sunday (14/6) at Royal on the Park in the city, and will have masterclasses, cheese tastings, and cheese for sale. You read correctly: a weekend dedicated to CHEESE. I am drooling and crying at the same time because I’m not going. Guess I’ll have to just buy myself some supermarket brie and chow down while I listen to Nick tell me every gritty detail. You can grab tickets via Ticketek for $30.

Happy Friday!

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