West End Markets Round-Up

Skimpy samples, bountiful bread

I have this Paul Frank tee shirt that says ‘I heart carbs’ on it, with a picture of a bread, bagle, and muffin-rid food pyramid. If you appreciate this shirt, get yourself along to the West End Markets next weekend.

After my recent feeding frenzy at the New Farm markets, I was eager to flex my cheapskate muscle and garner some samples at a new locale (note: I never sample something I’d never buy. I’m not that bad). There weren’t that many samples at West End, but then again, it is a slightly different kind of market. While there’s seafood, cheeses, fudges, and the like, there’s also a huge range of clothing and jewelery stalls. The focus also seems to be more on fruit and vege, and baked goods.

You can expect to find:

  • A plethora of fresh breads, both from popular bakeries like Sol, as well as smaller independent stores. Look out for pumpkin bread; fruit loaves; and larger-than-life loaves of Turkish.
  • danishes, croissants, doughnuts
  • greek yoghurt and museli
  • actual meals like burgers (these looked awesome), brekkie, hot dogs, german sausages, wraps, and Indian food
  • seafood and meats
  • deli items, cheeses, and nuts
  • cupcakes, licorice, and fudge
  • chai tea, coffee, fresh lemonade and juices
  • popcorn and danish pancakes
  • clothing, jewelery, used books, antiques, toys, and soaps
  • and of course, stall upon stall of fruit and vege. This stuff ranges slightly in price between stalls, but they all have the same thing in common: they’re cheap and nasty (not nasty by any means. But I have to slip that in every now and again. That’s what she said. I’m here all night, folks).

The pumpkin bread I picked up was absolutely amazing. A $4 loaf was huge, but that didn’t really mean much-30 hours later it’s nearly gone (and I only live with one other person).

There’s a cool, chilled-out atmosphere, and there’s also lots of seating. It gets busy, but I’d rather do my weekly produce shop here than at the suburban Woolies any day.

West End Markets
Off Montague Road & end of Jane Street (Davies Park), West End map

(07) 3844 2440


Every Saturday, 6am-2pm

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  1. Ally says:

    Thanks Kerry, they're cute little guys aren't they! They were also the only beings manning the stall at the time too..

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