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Simple CBD munchies
Now that I’m an unemployed loser, there’s one thing that I miss about working (aside from the money thing and the stationery cupboard). Weekday city cafes. There are seriously tonnes of quirky little places all over the CBD that sadly close their doors on the weekend.

If you’re a city worker, or an unemployed bum who’s just been rejected by Centrelink, you’re spoiled for choice during the week. The other day I jumped at the chance to try one of these places. You see, us unemployed people don’t stay home and save money. We go out and shop.

Extract Espresso Bar is tucked away on Adelaide Street, and is housed in a heritage-listed building. There is heaps of seating inside (it actually spills into the foyer of the building next door), and the place has a very funky and cool vibe. A mixture of French and coffee house-style music plays softly, and there’s gorgeous art-deco style tiling on the floor. It’s really a very cosy and comforting space, and is very quiet considering the madness of the city is just beyond the doorway.

The menu is pretty basic: breakfast in the morning, plus sandwiches, pizza, cakes, and other cafe-style fare. Something worth noting though is their range of organic and gluten-free options. I personally am always up for some wheat, so I ordered the avocado on sourdough ($5.20). I was with Mumsy (shopping bugs are inherited you see), and she ordered a special coffee + sandwich deal ($9.50). She didn’t get any choice with the fillings as there was only one sandwich left, which at 12.30pm seems really weird.

The food at Extract is pretty simple, which is good and bad. It’s good because you can chow down and be safe in the knowledge that your meal isn’t hiding a plethora of fatty or salty additions. It’s bad because it makes you wonder what the hell you’re doing paying for something you could have slapped together at home.

Don’t get me wrong-my av on sourdough was tasty.Avocado Toast The bread was fair quality, and there was a decent amount of avocado mashed up on top. It was just so plain. I’ve seen heaps of cafes (Brother Espresso comes to mind) do this exact dish with a little more effort on the presentation, which makes such a difference. A little wedge of lemon, maybe thicker bread, or not cutting it into ridiculous tiny pieces could have helped. I know it’s just av on bread, but surely $5.20 should get you something a little nicer?

Mumsy, meanwhile, was struggling with her ham and salad sandwich. She’s a smart lady, but this one had her baffled.Coffee Somehow two slices of bread had become fused together. She had to really rip into it in order to separate the two halves, and the result? A pretty basic, albeit satisfactory and seemingly recently made ham and coleslaw sandwich. The ham was pretty salty and not the best quality.

I will be brutally honest here: my coffee (long black, $3.30) was crap. It had a thick crema, which looked promising, but it was really bitter. Mum’s cappuccino was a bit better.

Service was also a mixed bag: our orders were taken by a woman with a bit of a ‘tude, but they were brought to the table by a very friendly dude. Extract is ideal if you’re basic lunch in a soothing environment, but I’m not too upset it’s not open on the weekend.

Extract Espresso Bar

7a / 200 Adelaide St
CBD map

(07) 3221 3166

Open Monday-Friday for breakfast, lunch, and late afternoon snacks
Extract Espresso Bar

4 Responses

  1. dottitrix says:

    oh no, i would have to disagree with you!!!! my friends and i love extract. we have coffee there every day and lunch about 3 times a week. The coffee is superb and the food is fresh , healthy and delicious. The also have a great range of Gluten Free food, which my friend just raves about. The girls are always friendly and helpful ( and they are pretty good looking) and know us all by name, which makes us feel pretty good!!!! This is not a cafe for food as such, it is a good espresso cafe, with the fresh food a welcome addition. My favourite is the vegetarian special on sour dough bread toasted!!! i can even get this when i have a late lunch at 2.30pm. You will not find another cafe on Adelaide street with better coffee, fresher food or better value. WE LOVE EXTRACT.

  2. Ally says:

    I must have caught them on a bad day, dottirix! The cappuccino was better though…I may go back there again and see if you're right 🙂

  3. Jack Spencer says:

    The coffee is always a bit hit and miss. The service is rubbish, your right about the attitude. Sugar and Spice Cafe two doors down is a better option, staff are friendly and the coffee always great.

  4. Will says:

    My daughter first introduced me to Extract 3 years ago and I have been loyal ever since – great Di Bella coffee, service good and staff appreciate their regulars.Its a handy spot and has an old world charm.

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