Quick Bites: 10 July

Cheap grub: keep your wallet and tum full

1. Get some iron and save some copper. The Fox, at South Brisbane, is doing $2 Steak Sundays. Yes. TWO-DOLLAR-STEAK. Are they mad? Do they not know the sheer amount of meat-hungry people we have in this town, who will lurk hungrily outside The Fox’s doors, well before opening time? You can also grab a side of chips or similar for an extra dollar. That’s a $3 meal folks-pretty sure I spent triple that on a Hannah Montana movie ticket (but it was worth every penny).

2. Enjoy more free meat! Limes, the hotel/cinema/bar in the Valley, is also jumping on the beef bandwagon and cooking up free BBQs every Sunday evening. I tell you what, I may never need to eat a $2 McValue pick again.

3. Shift some beef, plus get a free brekkie. Now, this one carries a $20 entry fee, but it’s supporting research. The Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital Foundation Run for Research is on this Sunday (12/7) in the city Botanical Gardens. All participants in the 5km or 10km walk/run will feel damn good knowing they’re sweating it out for a good cause. Plus, all participants get a free healthy breakfast afterward. I’ll be there, doing my lame trot (also known as ‘the Ally shuffle’), so roll out of bed early for once on a Sunday and do some good.

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