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Salt - Inside4pm does funny things to my brain. When the clock strikes 4, I suddenly start looking for sugar and caffeine. Coffee and cake, while some what lacking in masculinity, is a delicious way to silence those urges. So when I was hanging around in Milton the other week and the little hand was pointing between 3 and 5, it was a perfect excuse to check out Salt in Rosalie for an afternoon sugar hit.

Salt is tucked in between Sing’s Asian Kitchen and a hair salon on Nash St. It’s small but in a good way – think cosy atmosphere, lots of deep colours to give a very warm feel and the chairs encourage you to sit back, relax and lounge. A great place to spend a long afternoon with a bottle of wine.

It turns out that they aren’t really a coffee and cake hang out as they don’t have any cake. So we opted for coffee and desserts… in the middle of the afternoon. What? Dessert is an anytime food.

1 flat white ($4), a chocolate mud cake fantasy ($10.9) and a sticky date pudding ($10.9) later and here’s the outcome:

  • Mud cake was good. This was warm, soft, tasty and not over the top sweet. Served with cream, choc syrup and ice cream it managed to shut my companion up for a good 10mins. Quite an achievement.
  • Sticky date pudding was disappointing; the pudding was dry and chewy. Once you dipped into it instead breaking with the spoon the pudding stayed firm and squashed itself into the cup.
  • Coffee was very good.

Service was fine and if you’re like Ally, you’ll be pleased to know that Salt uses real cloth napkins. I’m looking for an excuse to get back to Salt and put their full menu to the test (they’re open from breakfast – dinner) as you really can’t draw a conclusion on a couple of desserts, but on the atmosphere and design along, I’d say Salt is worth checking out. Just go with the mud cake.
Mud Cake
Sticky Date Pudding

food wine coffee

5 Nash St
Rosalie map

07 3367 0775

Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner
Salt Food Wine Coffee

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