3 Monkeys Review

Right. I’ll keep this short and simple. 3 Monkeys is a coffee and tea house in West End. I’d be very surprised if you haven’t heard of it.

They’re open late (at least 11:30pm every night) which is in stark comparison with the rest of Brissy coffee shops.

They’re popular; on a recent Wednesday evening at 9pm the line was 10-15 deep.

It’s got style; an eclectic mix of eastern tea house meets laid back Australian with plenty of cosy nooks for couples as well as large wooden tables that will comfortably seat eight. Table tops are inlaid with chess and backgammon boards, BYO pieces. Others do.

The bloke behind the counter will share a joke with you.

They serve coffee. Vittoria is the brand of choice and they produce a good flat white ($3.5) and some lovely micro-foam on a cappuccino. For those who like their coffee to last until next week they also have the “Edith Piaf” which is coffee served in a bowl ($4.8-the pic on the left is a chai in a bowl).

Service is prompt, friendly and difficult to fault.

The conversation hums and hangs in the air.

Food is light, with a nice selection of gourmet sandwiches, cakes, pizzas – but it isn’t as good as the coffee. A recent slice of carrot cake ($7~) was rubbish – dry, lacking carrot, and icing that was 90% sugar. Boo. An earlier Pollo Focaccia ($10.5) was also very dry – but the bread with herbs, olives and cheese was quite tasty. For a tea house that does as much traffic as the 3 monkeys, dry food is a strange occurrence. Perhaps I’m the only one ordering it.

If cosy isn’t your style, you can shuffle your way through the tight rooms, and to the rear of the café is a tropical outdoor setting. Paper umbrellas and basket weavings hang from the walls and the space is in stark contrast to the interior – it’s leafy, rustic and roomy; ideal for summer.

3 Monkeys is the catch all coffee shop that every city (if not suburb) needs. All are welcome, at any time. Especially you.

3 Monkeys
Tea House

58 Mollison St
West End map

(07) 3844 6045

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