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Remember how we ‘advertised’ for a new scribe* for eatdrinkbrisbane the other week, with promises of free beer and pink jellybeans? This week we present you with one of the reviews we received, from a lady called K-dawg. Ok, that’s not really her name. Here’s Kath, our special guest for the week:

South Bank meets Santorini
Last week I found myself with a Friday off, and after managing to convince a friend he should also have a half day off, we decided that we would find ourselves a nice restaurant to have a late lunch, share a bottle of wine and sit pleasantly in for the afternoon..

We tossed around a few ideas in the city before deciding to head over to South Bank, and give Kapsali’s a go as a lunch venue. I’ve been there before for dinner on a Saturday night, and it’s always a fun affair, with Greek music, belly dancers and dancing waiters.

It was about 2pm when we sauntered in, and we were seated immediately by a friendly waitress, who let us choose where we’d like to sit, as they were only about a third full. We chose out on the deck overlooking the lagoon pool at South Bank, which also gives a lovely view of the river. Even while making our way to the table I noticed the food coming out and at people’s tables looked incredibly appetising.

Both of the waitresses we had were incredibly friendly and eager to accommodate us, and straight away we were brought water and it was poured for us.

We decided to start with grilled haloumi ($8.50) to share, then both ordered the grilled barramundi ($26.50, below right) and a bottle of Jim Barry Lavendar Hill ($27.00) wine to share. The haloumi arrived promptly, served on panini slices with lemon and olives. It was grilled to perfection and still piping hot when we received it. I’m yet to meet a haloumi I don’t love but this one was particularly delicious. The wine was a soft, light, fruity white, absolutely perfect for sharing over a lovely Friday afternoon on the deck of a restaurant under the trees.

We’d not long finished the haloumi when our barramundi arrived, again piping hot, served with a rather large garden salad on the side, and big, chunky chips. It was a huge serving and I really struggled to get even three quarters of the way through.

My only small criticism of the meal was that it was clear that the wait staff’s shift had ended, and from then we couldn’t find anyone to serve us a cup of coffee, so we ended up heading to another café.

Definitely a fabulous place to spend an afternoon over a leisurely meal and a bottle of wine.

Kapsali’s Restaurant
Shop 31a
Southbank Parklands

07 3846 1803


-Kath R

*We are still looking to fill some writin’ and eatin’ shoes. Send some stuff in. Preferably written stuff.
Kapsali Mediterranean

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