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Just Damn Good

I’m usually very peckish in the morning, but on a recent Sunday I had just done my little Ally shuffle in a charity fun run, and I was freaking starving afterward. Unfortunately, we had decided to do as the rest of Brisbane, and visit Lure on Latrobe for breakfast. Why unfortunate? The waiting. The place was packed and there was a 10+ minute wait just to get seated. There was also a subsequent wait for our orders, even though we told them we were ready as soon as we were seated. Then there was the 40 minute wait for the meals.
MuesliBUT-and I hope you’re still reading on and haven’t discounted the place-that was where things turned around. I left Lure happily stuffed with a delicious meal.

We started with coffees ($3.40) that were brought out very quickly, which was welcome after our wait. My long black had a good crema and was accompanied by a cute mini milk bottle (I’m easily impressed by girlish things). D’s flat white, albeit very small, was smooth and super creamy-some of us are nasty and order full fat milk, but moving on.

The breakfast menu at Lure has the standard favourites (eggs on toast, fruit bread, muesli), but with a few twists. The haloumi and zucchini fritters sounded enticing, as did the pork sausages with bubble and squeak, and the fetta hash browns. Oddly, while there was French Toast, there were no pancakes. Call me old-fashioned (or disgusting), but I like a bit more sugar on a brekkie menu. I went with the Breakfast Trifle ($10), which was house-made muesli layered with yoghurt, Barambah organic honey, and fresh fruit. D chose the Eggs Benny-poached eggs with ham on sourdough toast with a lemon hollandaise sauce ($15, smoked salmon on the side available for an extra $4).

So, yes, the meals took a while to arrive, but I didn’t care once they arrived. The presentation of my trifle was fantastic. It came in a huge glass, with a shot of fresh OJ on the side-an odd addition, but it worked. The muesli was amazing. It roared in the face of every other muesli I’ve ever tried. It spat at Uncle Toby’s, Carman’s, and every health food store around. You get the idea. Chunks of macadamia nuts, seeds, and toasted oats matched perfectly to the thick creamy yoghurt and sweet honey. I was especially impressed with the fresh fruit scattered throughout-there was no boring apple or pineapple here. Chunks of fig, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and apricots were everywhere. My mouth didn’t know what the hell was going on, every bite was so exciting.
Eggs Benedict
The Eggs Benny received the standard ‘two grunts=good’ approval from D. The eggs were perfectly poached, and rested on top of a massive pile of thick leg ham. The ham was of a really good butcher/deli quality. The hollandaise sauce had a lovely lemony zing to it; this citrus flavour complemented the eggs well.

PatioConsidering the generous portions and the quality, the menu is very well priced ($6-$16.50). Lure is like many places in Paddington and is set in one of those beautiful houses typical to the area. There’s lots of seating inside and out, and the place has a lovely relaxed feel-like you’re in a very chic and cool person’s city garden. Although every table was taken, it didn’t feel crowded either.

Hint: things slow down a bit after 10.45am, so try for then if you don’t want to wait. I am sorry I was ever feeling grumbly about having to wait: this place is a gem. My only remaining gripes? Waitresses should be a bit better organised (they were very friendly, but several different ones asked if we’d been served). And get some pancakes on the menu!

Lure on Latrobe

24 Latrobe Tce
Paddington map

(07) 3367 2900

Open seven days (except public holidays)
Lure on Latrobe

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  1. I have a craving for Lure at the moment!

  1. 25/11/2009

    […] Lure on Latrobe dishes up the best muesli I’ve had to date. Also nearby is Simpatico, home of some crazy delicious Turkish eggs, and Spoon Deli Cafe. Further down the road in Rosalie lies Blu Grotto (pretty standard fare, but excellent coffee) and Salt (a bit fancier, laughs in the face of run of the mill breakfast menus). […]

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