Product Spotlight: Kingaroy Peanuts


I went into Woolworths the other day to buy some snacks (people, I am working again! This is good for the wallet. This also means I get the munchies and work right opposite a supermarket. This is not good for the ass). Balsamic vinegar peanuts were ok. The flavour was decent. It was cheap. It had a handy zip-lock bag. Meh.
Why the sudden snooty attitude towards the humble supermarket peanut? It’s because I’m still relishing my recent trip to the Kingaroy Peanut Van. Dudes. This humble road-side van is my new favourite portable vehicle. “Oh, they’re just nuts,” I hear you say. Yeah, right. And Coco Chanel was just a seamstress. And Doogie Howser was just a teen doctor. These are not just nuts, people.
Chilli nuts. Honey Ginger. Salt & Vinegar. Hickory Smoke. Cinnamon Sugar. Take your pick, the flavours are all awesome (vendors happily give samples. You know how I feel about samples).

I got bags of Honey Ginger, Hickory Smoke, and Butterscotch & Caramel. Hicky Smoke was a bit like a BBQ in peanut form. Did you just spit out your drink? It’s true. They’re spicy, smoky, and are fond of beer. Butterscotch & Caramel was that ideal sort of sweet where you can eat the whole bag and not feel sick. Yay! But my heart lies with Honey Ginger. It has the perfect combination of sweet and tangy-the combo you need when you feel very greedy and are craving both flavours.

Now, before you pack the car up for a roadtrip to the ‘roy, listen up: there’s a van at Chermside! A van was also at the Ekka, so keep your eyes and belly out.

Kingaroy Peanut Van
Portable Snack Vehicle

725 Gympie Road

(07) 3359 1150

77 Kingaroy St

(07) 4162 8400

Do you know of a Brisbane/SE QLD product that you think should be reviewed? Tell us! We’ll eat it! And then tell you about it!

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  1. 08/06/2011

    […] favourites were also there, like The Peanut Van (fresh peanut butter, pictured) and The Cupcake Parlour. I tried an awesome muesli-like, seed-packed concoction called Kapai Puku, […]

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