Area profile: Rosalie/Paddington/Bardon

I’m going to be totally selfish and kick off our new ‘Area profile’ section with my favourite suburb and its surrounds, Rosalie.

You may have guessed from my posts that I have a bit of a crush on the fair Rosa. And why not? With food choices like these, it’s hard not to. Plus, the area (I’m talking Paddington and Bardon too) is close to the city, is pretty accessible by public transport, and is sort of cool without being over the top. Think casual clothes, but sans food stains.


Sassafrass is always crammed for brekkie. Last week I wanted to go but couldn’t get a reservation. Don’t they know who I am? May you have better luck at this well-priced, deli-style cafe.

Lure on Latrobe dishes up the best muesli I’ve had to date. Also nearby is Simpatico, home of some crazy delicious Turkish eggs, and Spoon Deli Cafe. Further down the road in Rosalie lies Blu Grotto (pretty standard fare, but excellent coffee) and Salt (a bit fancier, laughs in the face of run of the mill breakfast menus).


All of the above places are also open for lunch, along with French Montrachet and Italian Grappino, both in Paddo. I hear Montrachet is a bit romantic. I wouldn’t know personally, I haven’t been taken there yet(ahem).

If one of Grappino’s famous veal scallopines is too much for you, toddle down to Harem for some Turkish, or Kookaburra Cafe for some pizza. Or be nasty and un-original and hit up chains like Grill’d or Hell Pizza. Pandemonium Cafe in Paddington is another option for a casual breakfast or lunch.


Sing’s. Sing’s. Have I mentioned Sing’s? Oh God, I freaking love this place. It has amazing, amazing Asian food that’s ridiculously well-priced. I have a little dance. It’s called the “I’m going to Sing’s dance.”

Also in Rosalie for din dins is Thai Terrace (Thai), Halim’s (Indian), Bella Notte, Castelli’s, and Tomatoes (all Italian), Sushi Lovers (Japanese), or Sing’s (Awesome). For something a little different, try Indonesian food at Bali Grill (pictured, top). It’s a bit pricey, but apparently delicious and you get to sit up high and look down on the minions in the street below.

If you want to venture further away from this popular Rosalie dining strip, Avanti in Bardon has Italian grub, Sultan’s Kitchen and Indus in Paddo both dish up Indian, and The Lark offers a very varied menu of tapas and main dishes, along with a killer bar.


Apart from The Lark, there aren’t a heap of places to go for a tipple in this area unless you venture closer to the city and brave Caxton Street. Blu Grotto, however, is a cool spot for a quiet drink and a lounge (they get much more lively on the weekends).


I scream, you scream, we all scream for…Gelateria Cremona. Um. So that didn’t have a good ring to it, but luckily their house-made gelati is music for your mouth. Faithful Cold Rock also serves up icey treats, or if you want (need) something heavier, check out specialty dessert cafe Room 4 Dessert. There’s always room in this belly.

Salt, Blu Grotto, Spoons, and Sassafras are also nice places for a coffee and sugar hit, or you can check out the Rosalie Gourmet Market for some takeaway treats. Couture Cupcakes in Bardon is another day time choice. Remember how excited I was when I reviewed The Cupcake Parlour? Prepare for extreme Ally meltdown on the day I get to waddle over to Couture.

Have I missed something truly awesome out? Do tell.

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  1. 02/03/2013

    […] impressive; the dense Sicilian cake, ricotta crostata, is quite hard to find in Brisbane (although Rosalie Gourmet Market do a mean one too). My plan that day was different though: leave the crostata, take the […]

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