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We have another special guest reviewer this week! What, again? Are Nick and Ally not eating or something? Trust me, I am chowing down and I have the muffin top to prove it. But I digress-for now here’s Chris, another brave soul who answered our new writer call. Enjoy.

A hamburger is a versatile object. It can be what ever you want it to be-a dodgy slab of processed (though delicious) junk like Maccas or HJs that lines the belly ready for a big night. Or a memorable experience in culinary perfection like Rockpool’s Wagyu burger. The fact is that hamburgers are awesome. I love them. I have visited every corner of Brisbane in search of the best hamburger experience that this town has to offer. There have been highs, there have been lows. But overall I have to say that we Brisbanites are spoilt for choice.

My most recent expedition came from a recommendation from Nick. “Chris, you should try Babu Burgers,” he says. Having been about two weeks since my previous burger outing, this was all the motivation I needed to launch a new quest. Babu Burgers & Grill is located in Wilston. Up until Tuesday I had no idea where that was; turns out it is out near the RBH. It is more of a restaurant than your average burger joint (hence the “& Grill” part of their name). Seats, tables, wait staff, the works! Prices are good, at about $12 for a standard burger. Optional extras are a dollar or two more, e.g. mushroom, egg, etc. All up it cost about $15 for my burger, which is on par with your standard non-greasy-spoon-fish-and-chip-shop burgers.

The beef patty used was one of the best I have ever had. It was a very good quality, coarsely ground beef, with a decent ratio of meat to fat to keep everything juicy. The non-beef elements (tomato, lettuce, etc.) were fresh and of a high quality. I also give points to Babu for toasting the bun, as not toasting is a cardinal sin.

The best possible honor that can be bestowed upon a hamburger is when those you are dining with announce the most famous of lines from Pulp Fiction, “Mmmm. That is a tasty burger!” as spoken by Jules (Sammy Jackson). Babu Burgers scored in producing this quote several times amongst our dining party. I counted about three occasions, most which were said by me.

Recent years have seen an explosion of gourmet burger joints, with each offering their own Australianized interpretation of the humble hamburger. Babu Burgers & Grill gets my tick, and I guarantee we will be going back soon for round two.


Babu Burgers & Grill

83 Kedron Brook Road

(07) 3356 4039
Babu Burger and Grill

4 Responses

  1. Chris Polkinghorne says:

    Nick. There's your problem. you went to a burger joint and ordered salmon. slap! eat the beef mate. however they do suffer from the southbank price++ issue

    i also recommend:
    rainsworth takeaway &
    oh burger it

  2. Anonymous says:

    just been at babu, and had to say we were floored by the level of the patties at that joint.
    best burger i've had in a long time, and a nice size to them too
    and it's even licensed wow
    we will be back

  3. I agree with Chris!

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