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Die Happy and Refreshed

The duvet is getting kicked to the end of the bed every night. A chilled can of XXXX sounds like a really good idea at 10 in the morning. Sweat is getting into all sorts of crevices. Isn’t this weather fantastic?

What better way to cool down than with sugar and dairy (what did you think I was going to say-water?) You know that I advocate gelati even in winter, so really, that opening paragraph was just a chance to get excited about the steamy months to come.

Back to the treats, then. Gelatissimo is a small chain of stores serving up Italian gelati and coffee. There is one store in Brisbane-ONE, people! You know what this means. Either move to the CBD, or plan every upcoming holiday around the location of their other four Queensland stores.

The various tubs of gelati always look amazing, like little whipped mountains of deliciousness. If you could shrink me down to Sea-Monkey size, and if gelati climbing was a respected sport, I would surely fail as I would just eat it all.

Flavours include Red Bull (I’ve always been curious about this-is it good? Does it give you wings, or a satisfied belly?), Chocolate Mint, Honey & Macadamia, Snickers, Raspberry, and faithful Pistachio. On a recent visit I went with the Chocolate Sorbet. D wasn’t going to get any; “Oh I am too full,” he had moaned, clutching his belly. Then we walked into Gelatissimo and he saw Canadian Maple & Walnut. “One scoop, please.”

Usually I don’t really like sorbet. It’s icey, too sweet, and makes you feel like you’re having the diet option of gelati (it’s fat-free, so you kind of are). But either Gelatissimo totally rock, or someone accidently mixed up the signs that day. The Chocolate Sorbet was just too good. It tasted creamy and rich, and the taste of the 85% Lindt dark chocolate was so clear it was like I was hanging out in the factory in Switzerland. Amazing.

The Canadian Maple & Walnut was also pretty tasty, and the flavours worked really well together. I think the maple flavour could have been a bit stronger, but extra points for them using actual maple syrup and not the crap Cottees ‘maple flavoured’ syrup.

Whether you’re motivated by sweat or satiety, trot down to Gelatissimo and get your own little mountain to scale.

Italian Gelati

Shop 3, Cnr Albert & Queen St (turn left at Hungry Jacks, stop before you reach the strip club)

(stores also at the Gold and Sunshine Coasts)

07 3012 9797

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  1. jason says:

    The red bull is awesome! Not really sure if it gives you wings, but if you love the flavour of the drink, you'll love the gelati

  2. Remy says:

    They told me they’ve stopped making red bull gelati there! 🙁 Now I have to go to Shlix if I want my fix!

  3. ally says:

    Nooo! That sucks, Remy. From what I’ve heard, having to trek to Shlix may not be such a bad thing…

  4. Georgia says:

    So delicious! I’ve tried guava and tiramisu but next time I’m going to get chocolate sorbet (really?? Actually milk free??)I always get it in a cone but ask for one of those spoons that look like shovels because I’ve started up a collection (weird, yes. IDK why either). Try it next time your in the cbd.
    By the way Ally… do you know what’s happened to yogen fruz?

  5. Alan says:

    Gelatissimo just opened up in Manuka, but they didn’t want to redeem the buy one get one free voucher when our staff went down there on Friday (even though it runs for another week)
    They’ve managed to lose our custom before we even got started… well done.

  6. ally says:

    Hi Georgia – oh no, has Yogen Fruz left Queen St? They were good!

    I collect the cups from Gelateria you’re not alone 🙂

  1. 10/12/2009

    […] at the riverside restaurant/bar, the only thing that worried us was where to go for dessert after (Gelatissimo. Of course). Neighbourly […]

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