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There are days when the leftover birthday cake in the office just isn’t going to cut it. Neither is Mr Cadbury and friends in the vending machine. And the pitiful little muffin you brought in from home, sweating in Glad Wrap? Forget about it. Sometimes you need a quality baked treat to hit your sweet spot.

Enter Il Villagio, in Kelvin Grove. A huge array of freshly made cakes, cookies, desserts, and pastries are there, just waiting for you on those days when a regular treat won’t do. The range of authentic Italian desserts is impressive; the dense Sicilian cake, ricotta crostata, is quite hard to find in Brisbane (although Rosalie Gourmet Market do a mean one too). My plan that day was different though: leave the crostata, take the cannoli.

I tried a chocolate cannoli, and it was right up there with some of the best I’ve had. The pastry shell was crunchy and buttery, and lined with quality dark chocolate. The filling was fantastically thick and wobbly-i.e, you could stick your finger in it to scoop it up without the danger of it falling on your keyboard. “What are all these stains on your mouse?” is a common question when people use my computer, so this feature of the filling was key. It also had the perfect balance of custard and chocolate tastes.

On the flip side, one thing that was really disappointing was the jam doughnut. A friend got it, and for such a humble, old-fashioned treat, it looked quite fancy. It tasted, however, like a bread roll dusted in sugar. Huh? I had very high hopes for el jamo, but perhaps Il Villagio’s specialty lies in Italian treats.

Everything is fresh, and is made in their nearby factory. They’re also a good spot for lunch, and offer fresh sandwhiches, paninis, rolls, pies, and the like.

What does baked stuff go well with? More baked stuff. And coffee. A skim cappuccino was very good-smooth, creamy, and with no hint of bitterness. Service is fast and friendly, which was a relief. In the past I’ve encountered one or two particularly rude waitpeople, but they seem to have vanished-with almost as much speed as my cannoli.

Edited to add: Needless to say I’ve made several return trips to Il Villagio since this review. I can report that the brownies are ridiculously good. They’re chewy, dense, moist, and incredibly chocolatey. They’re also dusted in cocoa powder, so you get a bit of a bitey chocolate taste that contrasts nicely with the rich cake. Two (chocolate-stained) thumbs up!

There’s also the Nutella Crostada, a spin on the traditional Ricotta Crostada.

I’ll just let the cross-section of this picture speak for itself:

Enough said.

Il Villagio
Bakery & Cafe

The Village Centre
Blamey St, Kelvin Grove

(07) 3832 2855

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  1. Anonymous says:

    any more photos of the treats? that cannoli looked mighty tasty. i'll be sure to stop by if i'm ever in the neighbourhood.


  2. Ally says:

    I'll try to get some more pics Marty! The cannoli was awesome. I am also happy to report that the chocolate brownie is also delicious; it's really moist and you get a bit of a bitter-sweet taste with every bite, as they sprinkle cocoa powder on top. Different, unusual, noice.

  3. Olivia Diiorio says:

    A friend and I just went to this amazing bakery and was STUNNED at the incredible customer service. Not only was the owner friendly and warm, but he sent us away with free cannolis! As an Italian I had high expectations out of a bakery that says that make authentic desserts and I was not dissapointed! Will definitely be going back as soon as possible!

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