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I like to think I live on the edge. When rain is forecast, I go out without an umbrella. I eat things that are a bit past the use by date. I ‘forget’ to ask them to omit the cream in an iced chocolate, then feign surprise when it arrives piled high with the stuff. So, yeah, I mix things up a bit.

The same could not be said about my breakfast. The last time D and I went out for brekkie, we ordered muesli and eggs benefict. This time, we ordered muesli and eggs benedict. Excitement fail. Could this mean our relationship was going stale too? Nah, we conceded. We were awesome.

We were also at Onyx, a very cool bar/restaurant on the popular restaurant strip of Park Road. Onyx is usually known for their dinner and cocktails, and have only recently started doing breakfast. It’s probably the nicest digs on Park Road-the seating area looks down on the street below, there’s comfy couches, a gorgeous onyx bar (geddit?), and at night dim and sexy lighting. There’s not a lot of seating though, so beware if you’re there when it’s a full house-it can get a bit squishy.

We started with coffees ($3.50), which were delayed a little bit but the waitress was so professional and apologetic that we didn’t mind. It also helped that the coffees were excellent; my skim cap was just perfect. Oddly enough D’s latte was a little more bitter, but it was still good. They also came with a buttery piece of shortbread on the side. We were naughty and had cookies before breakfast. Don’t tell mum.

The breakfast menu offers a few standard favourites as well as some surprises. There’s Poached Haddock; Pork and Guiness Sausages with French toast; and Banana Bread with Rum and Raisin Mascarpone. Gym junkies and cyclists take note, too: there’s a healthy section, with things like protein pancakes and egg white omelettes. The drinks menu also covers smoothies and fresh juices and smoothies. I’ve had Onyx’s fantastic cocktails, so I bet the juice concotions would be just as delicious.

The meals arrived shortly despite a rapidly filling restaurant and a poor lone waitress. My Bircher Muesli was a generous portion ($9), and D’s Smoked Salmon Benedict was good value at $16. The salmon was of a very good quality, and sat underneath two perfectly poached eggs. You could not poach an egg any better. The little guys wobbled delicately, then threatened to spill over when you cut into them-but they didn’t. Cheeky. The toast was unfortunately a little too hard to cut; the dish would have been better with a soft sourdough on something similar. The hollandaise had that delicate lemon zing that comes with good h’daise, and was finger-in-the-plate licking good.

My muesli was tasty, but unfortunately it was missing…something. Nuts? More fruit? The garnish of the red wine poached pears on top was pretty, but didn’t do a lot for the taste. There’s a bit of a long-running debate over bircher muesli-in its strictest sense, it’s just like what Onyx serves. But come on, how about a little cheating?

The general ambience and surrounds of Onyx are really quite lovely. Service was also very admirable given there was only one waitress attending to a busy floor-despite the pressures, she remained friendly and calm. I shouldn’t complain about a classic recipe tasting a bit bland-but maybe if they can learn to mix things up a bit, I can too.

Bar & Restaurant

1/12 Park Road

07 3367 0547


Open seven days until late

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