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Hidden Delight
Sometimes you feel like being a bit of a coffee snob. “Gloria Jeans? Starbucks? The Coffee Club? Pah! I want coffee from a unique, boutique cafe!” Get off your damn soapbox. Capitalism isn’t out to ruin you. I do agree though with the delight in a good brew that can only be found in a cosy little independant coffee shop.
I found this recently in Petro, a teeny tiny cafe that’s quite hidden-the only signs of the delights in store are a few pavement signs and some cushy seats and tables. Where’s the cafe? Go into the doorway, people. Hey, this isn’t just the lobby to an office building! It’s a cafe! Magic, isn’t it.

The chick (help me out here, PC-people…woman? barista? sheila?) making the coffees was incredibly friendly, giving some of the best customer service I’ve had in ages. She made a mean drop, too: mumsy pronounced her decaf cap one of the best she’s had. It’s hard to get decaf that actually tastes like the real thing-it’s often like giving a coke addict talcum powder. My regular cap was also damn good.

There’s a few tables inside, and quite a few outdoors-perfect for city people watching.
Petro also offer office catering, as well as sandwhiches, muffins, quiches, and the like. Now, as if finding the entrance isn’t enough of a noodle scratcher, I have one more for you: when I visited this place, it was called Petro. However, Google tells me that I was in fact high on this day (what’s with all the drug references in this post, just quietly?), and that I actually visited the Dancing Bean Espresso Bar, and that Petro is on Mary St. Please help. Confusion is not an attractive expression on my face.

What the hell-whatever this place is called, it does damn good coffee.

– Ally

Petro Cafe
171 George St
Brisbane CBD

Open Monday-Friday

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ally firstly thank you so much for reviewing our cafe we try our best to always please our customers, and we've found that simplicity and friendlyness always does the trick. As for the name… Dancing bean was the pre-existing cafe we took it over not long ago and have slowly turn it into a Petro cafe, as seen at 133 mary Street. I'd like to invite you, and all your readers, to visit both stores. And once again thank you for taking the time to review our store.

    Giuseppe, Petro Coffee

  2. Ally says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Giuseppe!

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