Quick Bites: 10 September

Burn, baby, burn: get fired up

1. Make your meat rare. Well, ‘blue’ steak isn’t to everyone’s liking, but luckily Blue September isn’t about that. It’s prostate cancer awareness month, so show your support by holding a BBQ. You can raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia, or the Blue September group. Alternatively, there are other ways you can take part and raise money for a good cause: blue cupcakes. Blue ice cream. Blue jocks. Go nuts! (It had to be done).

2. Hair of the dog? Pah! Ease into Sunday morning with a free barbeque breakfast. The Sunsuper RiverBBQ is part of the Riverfestival, and will be held on the Goodwill Bridge. Things start sizzling at 9am this Sunday, September 13.

3. Get firey with your inner food critic. One person getting excited about food is like a little flame. Give them someone to talk to and it’s like coaxing the little flame out a bit more. A group of food writers talking to food lovers? Sounds like the makings for a good roasting. Check out ‘Talking Food’, a free event from the Brisbane Writers Festival this Sunday. Ben O’Donoghue and Rebecca Huntley talk food, basically. Ben is a celebrity chef and writes for Delicious Magazine. Plus he’s pretty cute. Visit the Festival website for more information.

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