Quick Bites: 25 September

“A Festivus for the rest of us!”

It is festival fever at the moment. Do you feel it? Symptoms include wearing fluro clothing and running around the Botanical Gardens, drunk at 10am. Wait, I’m not talking about music festivals-I’m talking food, baby. Here’s the run-down on some festivals that don’t involve George Costanza, a metal pole, or tears (if you don’t get the reference, you fail).

1. Porchetta Day
Enjoy a taste of Italy in the ‘dah. The first official Porchetta Day is on this year in Gunnedah (you know, that northern NSW town, famous for Miranda Kerr and…Miranda Kerr?) Excuse me Wikipedia, what is porchetta? Well Ally, porchetta is a savoury, moist, and fatty Italian pork roast. It is usually heavily salted, and can be seasoned with herbs like garlic and rosemary. Along with the spit-roasted piggy, there will be eating competitions, music, and kiddie activities. It’s on from 10am-6pm this weekend (26/9-27/9). For more information, check out www.porchetta.com.au

2. Into Africa Festival
Get back to Brisbane and Into Africa. Enjoy African food, dancing, singing, and music this Saturday (26/9). A part of the Brisbane Festival, it’s at Yeronga Park in Yeronga, and admission is free.

3. Brisbane Festival Spiegeltent
essen Sie und trinken Sie deutsche Art! Embrace a bit of Brussels at the Brisbane Festival’s Spiegeltent, a Belgian-style portable venue at Queens Park in the city. The structure features luxe velvet curtains, a dance floor, and stained glass windows. Several Festival events are being run there, as well as the Garden Bar. Entry is free, and it’s open every night of the Festival. I’m not sure how Belgian the food is, so if you’re presented with a cheese toastie just pretend it’s a plate of mussles and frites.

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