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Sweet and Sour

I’m usually a bit of a softie on here. Well. Things have changed. There are two things that make me angry. One is finding used bandaids in the shower. The other is bad Thai food.

Normally, I’d focus on the very sweet and friendly service. Or the fact that the ambiance was actually quite nice and not tacky, which can be rare in Thai restaurants. Or the swift service and little touches like constant water refills and free prawn crackers. But no. My name is Ally, and I’m about to get a little bad ass.

I’ll back up a bit. I was on a blind date with fellow blogger, GG. Being with someone else who whips out their camera at the dinner table was quite magical, I assure you. We started with Kao Tung Savoai ($7). Little rice cakes that very closely resembled rice crispie squares came out, accompanied with a dish of tamarind chicken. I’m sure these cakes were made from Rice Bubbles. The fact that they looked like LCMs but were hot and sort of buttery was very disconcerting. This was a shame, because the chicken dipping mixture was really good; light and fresh, with delicate lime leaf flavours. There was one more rice cake left but I happily left it there and scooped up the chicken in a spoon.

Next came the Yum Neua (Thai beef salad, $16.50) and Moo Kratiam Prigthai (garlic and pepper pork, $16.50). The pork was really chewy. That’s all there is to it; chewy, chewy pork. I got a hint of some nice flavours in the broth, but that meat was an effort to chomp through.

The beef salad was a little better. Flavours were quite nice; lime leaf, coriander, and a hint of chilli came through nicely. The beef, however, also put my chompers to work. My tongue was performing acrobatics trying to wrangle a piece out of my back molar. There was a massive absence of vegies; the dish mainly just had some very large limp lettuce leaves. It was a similar lack of roughage situation with the pork.

Now, this is where Bad Ass Ally takes a break and goes to punch through concrete walls and whatnot, and Soft Ally returns from the land of fairy floss and ginger kittens. I feel bad bagging out on Raun Thai, because the service we encountered was very lovely. The owner (presumably) and the waitress were very sweet, and looked after us. I also feel funny writing this less than stellar review because everyone I speak to just loves Raun Thai. In fact, friends went there on the weekend and had nothing but good things to say. I’ll also point out (not that this is criticism
by any means) that Raun Thai is a bit tricky to find, and is tucked away up a flight of stairs near Woolworths.

So. Did I catch the chef on a bad night? Am I just looking for a chance to flex my bad ass muscle? Or does most of the food leave patrons with a sour expression on their face too? Who knows. What I do know is that you can find far better Thai in this town. Now I have to go soften up and bake some cookies or something. Bad ass does not suit me.

Raun Thai
Thai Restaurant and Take Away

1/6 Sherwood Road

07 3870 8103

Open daily, 6pm-10pm

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  1. jason says:

    I'm with you Ally – the restaurant came highly recommended to me as well, but the food was very average – the coconut rice was like porridge, and I also had the pork that was as chewy as a car tire!

  2. Rabbit Sim says:

    Not many authentic Thai places around. I've been to 2 highly regarded (as authentic) Thai restaurants, only to find the taste fell short of my expectations.
    We have very authentic Thai restaurants in Brunei to cater for the massive number of Thai workers in Brunei and even Thai DVD/CDs shops.
    Toned down versions of dishes to suit the Aussie palate just doesn't agree with me.

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