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I have a few things that make me insanely happy. One is kittens. One is cracking a beer after moving the lawn. The other is trashy, trashy magazines, full of pretty pictures and celebrity gossip.

Usually I am forced to indulge this habit at the doctor’s office, or the library. But I’ve recently found a nice place where I can sit on a cushy couch, get a sugar hit, pretend I’m as cool as the waitstaff, and read a supply of free trashy mags to my heart’s content.

I’m talking about The Boys, a Kelvin Grove cafe with a big menu and an even bigger trashy magazine stack. Yessss.

The Boys is a very cool space; there are comfy seats, funky wall art, and all the people who work there have hairdos that make me and my ponytail feel like losers. Food includes salads, sandwhiches, pastries, muffins, and the like, as well as an ever-changing specials board. On a recent visit the board included pancakes, a chicken shnitzel burger, and a marinated lamb backstrap.

But forget all that. I was after some of the hard stuff. I ordered a Lindt Hot Chocolate ($4.50 for a regular), and an Organic Choc Chip Cookie ($3). Other sweet treats that looked good included a raspberry & choc muffin, and a pistachio friand.


I’ve had coffee from The Boys a few times and it’s always been really good. They use their own blend, which you can buy in-store. My first non-coffee Boys experience had the unmistakeable flavour of Lindt dark chocolate, which gave a hint of bitterness to the drink. This was quite ideal, as otherwise it would have been too rich and sickly. My only complaint: marshmallows on the side? Seriously? Put those babies in there to melt, man!

The cookie was rather large (I like), and rather hard (do not like). I want my cookies chewy, soft, and sort of under-cooked. But this probably violates several Food & Beverage laws, so don’t be put off by my tastes. The cookie was rich and buttery, and crammed with big discs of choc chips. And yes, I dunked. I dunked in public, and it was great.

The cafe has lots of indoor and outdoor seating, and is also open on Sundays for breakfast. Trashy mags are my equivalent of the Sunday paper, so I daresay I’ll be back.

The Boys House of Coffee
Cafe and Take-Away

Shop 3, The Village Centre
Musk Avenue (corner Blamey St)
Kelvin Grove

(07) 3832 2822

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