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Bloody Good Burgers

Has anyone seen the news story about the Krispy Kreme burger? It’s disgusting, isn’t it. Imagine: a greasy burger, dripping with fat, sandwhiched between a Krispy Kreme doughnut. There’s a sick part of me that is curious, and would probably take a bite. Maybe it tastes fantastic? Maybe it could be the new culinary delight, but everyone is too scared to try it in fear of getting fat and heart disease?

Luckily, if I’m ever feeling this way again, I’ve found a good burger place to satsify my burger craving and not increase my cholesterol level. I’m talking about Beastie Burgers at South Bank, a licensed burger joint that offers imaginative and unique burgers, with nary a doughnut in sight (damn).

Yeah, I’m a little slow to jump on the Beastie bandwagon, but whatever. The point is, I’ve now been, and it’s damn good. On our recent visit we ordered an IT Support (tandoori chicken, yoghurt dressing, roast tomato, onion jam, lettuce), and a Spice Route (sweet potato, beef patty, haloumi, chill jam, tomato relish, hummus). Or, as D called it, “A Spice Rowte? Rootay? What is it?” Lucky he’s cute.

Both burgers were $10.50, which seemed like a reasonable price given their size and the quality of the ingredients. The IT Support contained a huge fillet of grilled chicken in a subtle Tandoori coating, along with generous serves of the vegies. Similarly, D’s Spice Rowte was packed to the brim, with thick discs of haloumi and beef taking centre stage.

Goddamnit, D’s burger beat mine. The combination of the sweet potato, beef, and haloumi was fantastic. Suprisingly, the flavours all complemented each other really well. My only complaint was that there were too many condiments-while delicious, in the end they made the burger a little soggy and start to fall apart. Having said that, the condiments were all so tasty. Very conflicting.

It was the opposite story with my burger-I felt there could have been a little more yoghurt dressing, to really push the whole ‘Tandoori’ focus of the burger. Here’s a funny story. I thought they called it IT Support because it must be what nerds eat. D is a nerd, but does not eat Tandoori chicken burgers all the time (nerds prefer Pepsi Max and Chicken Crimpy Shapes, it seems). Then I made the Tandoori-IT Support connection. Ohhh. Very un-PC, but cleverly named.

Despite my lack of sauce, my burger was also really tasty. The chicken was very lean and cooked perfectly, and not an ounce of any sort of greasy substance spilled out of either of our burgers. The buns were large, fresh, and fluffy, and made the burgers easier to eat (rather than those thicker yet smaller buns that force the burger to be really high, thus impeding eating technique).

Beastie Burgers also has salads, onion rings, fries, and a variety of drinks, including a Lindt Chocolate Milkshake. God that sounds good. There’s also beer from $5.50, wine, and coffee.

There’s friendly and polite table service, free water, and very relaxed and casual outdoor seating. I admit I still find it weird eating at places that have elements of both restaurant (licensed, table service) and casual take away (simple furniture, open-air, fairly low prices), but Beastie’s is still worth a visit. The burgers are, to date, the best I’ve had in Brisbane. Follow the delicious rawte to Beastie’s.

Beastie Burgers
Cafe and Takeaway

Shop 60D
Little Stanley St
South Bank

(07) 3844 4070

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    *drools* i'll have to try it


  2. Ally says:

    Do it! The only bad bit is there are too many to choose from.

  3. Dave says:

    Great burger. Service average. The choice of burgers is great. Probably the best burger i have ever eaten and i am a burger buff.
    We sat down and waited and waited. After about 15minutes of no contact we were just saying that we would go but the waiter turned up.
    The food took a while to come out but well worth the wait.
    One of the staff members actually ducked out for a smoke in front of the place then returned to serve meals without washing their hands.
    I would go back though. I had the sheepish shiek burger which was absoulutely awesome.

  4. kelly says:

    To be honest since we discovered Beastie about three months ago we have been somewhat obsessed…
    Paid parking at Southbank will add an additional $15 on weekends to the experience, but it is well worth it.
    I have tried a few items from the menu but have ALWAYS returned to the Swiss Miss, it has sweet gerkins and Swiss cheese..dreamy!
    The service has always been very respectable for an casual venue, and lets face facts: it kicks the ass of burger urge!!

  5. Zac says:

    Tried the American and Noosa at Beastie for the first time on a Thursday night and was very impressed. The buns are firm but not as sweet as others, complementing the bacon/avocado/real cheddar and mayo inside. Much better than Urge.

    The chip sides are also fantastic if unconventional – chopped up potatos with a fresh tasting aioli. Wins.

  6. D says:

    Crap. I’m kind of craving it right now!

  7. ally says:

    Do you have a hankering for the Spice Rowte, D?

  1. 13/06/2011

    […] by day. The Plough Inn and The Shipp Inn have this same relaxed open-air feel and upscale pub grub. Beastie Burgers are the perfect spot for a working lunch; they’re outdoors in the sunshine, they’re […]

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