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High school can be a difficult time. Exams, peer pressure, bullies, break ups, puberty. FUN. There was one thing that got many of us through the day: tuckshop. Before everyone got too fat and lollies were banned, school tuckshops were a delight for dougnut lovers. Scoff if you will-but to this day I have never had a jam and cream bun as good.

I took a chance on one from a bakery in Jindalle as I was really, really impressed with their other goods. This humble little suburban bakery had an Oreo cheesecake-now that doesn’t sound ground-breaking, but this one was.

How frustrated do I get when I go somwhere, order something that calls itself an Oreo cupcake, and find that it’s just a chocolate cupcake with an Oreo on top? It’s a similar situation with other flavours – the Rocky Road cupcake at The Cupcake Parlour springs to mind.This Oreo Cheesecake had an Oreo on top, AND Oreros throughought the cake, AND what looked like an Orero cookie base. Finally the Dessert Gods are hearing my cries for creativity, decadence, and that ingenious mixture of cream cheese and cookies.

I saved the Oreo Cheesecake for my next visit, and instead settled on stealing a bit of my mother’s jam and cream bun (this woman downs trans fats like there’s no tomorrow and remains a size 8. Unjust). I would definitely make the trip out to Jindaz to sample some of the treats here-I also spied Jaffa Cupcakes, Strawberry & White Chocolate Muffins, and other bakery staples like Neenish Tarts. But back to the bun-it was quite tasty; the cream was real and very fresh, and the bun was soft and doughy. But…

There still is nothing like a dirty school tuckshop jam and cream bun.

Jindalee Bakery

11/168 Sinnamon Road

I visited the one in the same complex as the Jindalee Hotel. There is another similar bakery across the road.

(07) 3161 3881

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