Little Lily Sushi Bar Review

‘Bursting’ with Flavour

It seems it is my goal in life to eat my way through every sushi train in Brisbane. What is it about plates of rice on a moving vehicle that excites me so? As a child, did I make a little sushi hut and transfer sashimi and inari over to it on the backs of toy trains? Do I have a bit of a thing for train drivers? Who knows. All I know is conveyor belt + nori = happy Ally.

Although this Ally had a little confused frown on a recent sushi train trip. I was at Little Lily Sushi Bar, a sushi train that adjoins the Little Lily Vietnamese Restaurant, at Kelvin Grove.

The good news first-it’s rather cheap. Plates are $2.80, $3.50, and $4.80, and green tea is served free. The train track is large, so there’s lot of seating too.

So why was I frowning? Because when you try to place some sushi in your mouth and it falls apart, all over you/the floor/your neighbour’s foot, you look like a damn fool. Unfortunately, this was the story with most of the sushi. It was either put together rather sloppily, or rolled so tightly it was bursting at the seams. Either way, the end result was me picking dried rice off my top that afternoon (although that tends to happen after most meals).

There’s also not a lot of choice with what’s on the train; on my visit, there was mainly rice-based rolls and a few deep fried things. I may have seen a lone inari, but the train was moving so fast (seriously, this thing was flying), I could have been imagining it.

Now-once I finally got the sushi in my mouth, my grumpiness evaporated. The sushi tastes good. I tried a salmon and avocado plate ($3.50), and the salmon was of a really high quality. The avocado was perfect and was very fresh.
I also grabbed a mysterious plate of what I thought was spicy tuna ($2.80). It was actually some sort of canned salmon mix, and as weird as that sounds, it tasted really good. On a previous visit I also tried some deep fried tofu and picked vegie rolls, which were fantastic and held together well. This makes me think the chef might have just been having an off day with her rolling technique.

The sushi is all fresh and prepared on the spot, and there is a menu that presumably you can order whatever you want off (like sashimi). The ambience isn’t fantastic; it’s rather plain inside and austere. Having said that, it’s clean and it is a sushi train, designed for quick and cheap meals. The servings are bigger than most places, but still don’t match up to such monster servings like at Toowong Sushi Station.

So, despite the sushi falling apart, it was really quite tasty and good value. I’ll go back, and risk looking like an idiot who can’t feed herself.

Little Lily
Sushi Bar (and Thai Restaurant)

Shops 19 & 20, 8 Carraway St
Kelvin Grove

(07) 3832 2888
Little Lily Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar

3 Responses

  1. michelle says:

    I recommend Sushi Tram on Logan Road at Stones Corner. Great variety and made fresh 🙂 Sundays and Mondays they have $3 plates – but be prepared for a wait cause they get really busy.

  2. Ally says:

    Cheers for the tip, Michelle! I would wait for good sushi. I would do some nasty things for good sushi.

  3. Foodie says:

    Agree not much choice on the train. Okay sushi but service was not great. Saw a table wanting to order something that was not on the train..and the lady reluctantly went down to them at the far booth to take their order.
    There weren’t many of us.. 12 on the train but no one came to refil teas and looked confused when we asked for water which that end table did also.
    As usual I pick up more then I could eat but what was terrible was I was using a voucher and so put some of the leftover sushi in a takeaway box which they indicated they had to charge me for separately from the voucher as it could be used for either DINE in or TAKEAWAY and had to chose if I wanted the dine in or takeaway sushi on the voucher. Then they continued to charge me for the full plate of sushi that I only had part of as it was going to be takeaway.
    Wouldn’t go back again. Not impressed.

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