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Sweet Anticipation

We’re going to venture a little further afield with this review. Pretend it’s EatDrinkGoldCoast, just for a moment. I just spent the weekend at the coast with my homeslice. We had been looking forward to relaxing, enjoying the warm weather, and spending quality time together.

Who am I kidding. We were excited about none of this. We were going to MAX BRENNER’S BABY!!

Okay, so obviously I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. I first got a taste when I peeped into their New York store. My appetite was whetted when a colleague brought me back some chocolate covered waffle balls (you read that right) from the Sydney store. Then, recently, they opened in Robina (shortly followed by Main Beach). Oh yes. This was fate.

We visited the Main Beach cafe, which has lots of seating and is decorated with warm chocolately colours. Obviously you don’t come to Max’s and order a salad. That would be rude. Plus, the ‘healthiest’ thing on the menu is waffles with fruit.

We were incredibly restrained and ordered a Chocolate Banana Pizza ($14) to share, plus an Italian Thick White Chocolate ($5.50) and a Cookieshake (white chocolate, cookies, and caramelised pecans, $7) . My hot chocolate came out in a ‘hug mug’. It’s designed so that you can cup your hands around, and really enjoy the ‘chocolate drinking ceremony’. Lovely idea and all, but the mug wasn’t really wide enough to properly hug. Either that, or I have man hands.

I’m usually disapointed when I order white hot chocolates-they never taste very chocolatey. Well. There was certainly an expression on my face, and it was not disaspointment. This was like drinking pure melted white chocolate. In fact, in reminded me very much of the mixture in a white chocolate cake I make-melted butter, white chocolate, and sugar. This was ridiculously rich, but so, so good. I can only image how good the other hot chocolates must be-Coconut White Chocolate, and Mexican Spicy Chocolate sound like they’re worth a return visit.

D’s Cookieshake was a bit more tame, but still sweet. It was thick and refreshing, with a strong vanilla flavour. What we suspect were Oreos were crushed up very finely, and provided a subtle flavour to the drink.

I admit, the small-ish size of the treats in the cabinet (like the cheesecake with the brownie base) had me a bit worried. What if our pizza wasn’t very big? What if we were hungry still, and were forced to actually get a sandwhich or something equally as lunch-like? No matter. The pizza was rather sizeable.
I was expecting something like a cookie dough base, but it was much like an actual pizza, only lighter. The texture actually reminded me of naan bread. It was the perfect neutral base to the topping: smears of thick melted chocolate, marshmallow bits, caramelised pecans, and chopped up banana.

Sadly, this is where I started to slow down. I’m quite embarassed by what follows. Usually, I have a scarily high tolerance for sugar. I can dominate sweet things in huge volumes. The more I have, the more I am able to take in-it’s a skill. But after the pizza, I couldn’t finish my hot chocolate. I didn’t want to finish it, delicious as it was. This is the worst part: D finished it. I was relishing a chance for him to bow out from our sugar fest early on so that I could taunt him, but here he was, finishing my hot chocolate along with his shake. Plus, he shared my last pizza slice with me. For shame.

The prices seemed pretty reasonable, given the size and quality of the drinks and the pizza. The prices do pretty much mirror that of your average cafe or dessert restaurant, so I’d say Max’s is value for money (although, as I’m looking at the website, the prices seem a little different to what we paid-I’ve recorded the current website prices in this post. My head is still leaking sugar, so I can’t remember exactly what we paid).

Now, after that sugar high, I’m sure you’re waiting for some complaints. I really only have one: no plates with the pizza. We were served knifes and forks, but no plates. I’m all for getting in there and getting nasty with some chocolate, but this wasn’t a late night kitchen binge. This was a respectable establishment that didn’t judge you when you mopped up the chocolate scraps on the pizza pan with your finger.

Max’s is an ideal place for dessert, but if you’re ordering anything more substaintial (like the pizza, or the waffles), bear in mind they are very filling. We thought of this before hand (we are pros) and went to Max’s for ‘lunch’.

I’ve seen a few dessert pizzas on various menus around Brisbane, so I’ll be very keen to see if they match up to Max’s. I am doubtful though that the drinks will-and this might be a good thing. I’m not sure something as delicious as that hot chocolate should be available in such close proximity to me.

Max Brenner is now  at South Brisbane in the Stanley St Plaza!

Max Brenner’s
Dessert Cafe and Chocolate Shop

Shop 24, Ground Floor
Marina Mirage Complex
74 Seaworld Drive
Main Beach, QLD

(also at Robina Town Centre)

(07) 5591 1588

Open Monday-Friday, 10am until very late
Saturday and Sunday, 9am until very late

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Be prepared for there to be lines around the block once word gets out. I recently went to the one located in Melbourne, during a work day before lunch and there was already a line up.

    It's very popular and for a good reason!

  2. Ryan says:

    Wait till you compare it against Koko Black. KB’s hot chocolate is so much richer and far more complex notes. When are they gonna have a joint in Brisbane? grrrrr

  3. ally says:

    Ohh I’ve heard of Koko Black! Am so hitting them up when I visit Melbourne next month.

    Anon – there weren’t any lines at this one at Main Beach when I went, and they’ve been open for a while. Thank God-more chocolate for us.

  4. Jo says:

    Does anyone know where can I get the chocolate waffle balls that Max Brenner is using for their milk chocolate drink?

  5. ally says:

    Hi Jo,

    I once got some chocolate waffle balls from their Sydney store – so I imagine the Gold Coast store would have them too?

    P.S – MAX is coming to BRISBANE!! Can’t wait.

  6. Georgia says:

    Very yummy but sickening at the same time. It’s worth a visit just to say you’ve been there but be prepared to fork out quite a bit; it’s overpriced but what cafe isn’t?
    My recommendation: visit Freestyle Tout in the Valley instead.

  7. kelly says:

    jo…unfortunatly the crunchy hot chocolate waffle balls are not available to buy at this point.
    regards kelly MB robina

  1. 12/02/2010

    […] I fear those days are behind me. Something has been happening to me lately. It started at Max Brenner’s, when I couldn’t finish my hot chocolate. It got worse when I managed to keep some […]

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