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There is something about cupcakes that really bothers me. Or rather, there is something about how other people view cupcakes that really bothers me. A cupcake does not have to just be a pretty little cake made with plain vanilla batter, topped with some tasty yet plain icing, and a sugared rose bud on top. A cupcake can be, and I quote from some random cookbook in my momma’s kitchen, “absolutely any sort of cake in a smaller, individual form”. I am dying for Brisbaneites to use their imagination more with cupcakes. You’ve heard me rant before, so I won’t go into too much detail.

Recently I was very impressed with the imagination that had gone into the flavours in the cupcakes at My Sweetopia in South Bank. Was that a Turkish Delight cupcake that didn’t claim its name just because it was a plain chocolate cake with some Turkish Delight chucked on top? Were those cupcakes with a base flavour other than chocolate or vanilla?

I was excited. The cakes were also very, very pretty, and piled high with icing and decorative touches. We got the aforementioned Turkish Delight cupcake, as well as an Espresso Mudcake (forgive me if I’ve gotten the names wrong). We got them to go and tore into them the next day, when they still tasted very fresh.

The Espresso cake was hollowed out a little bit and had a scoop of a creamy icing in the middle. The cake part itself was fantastic; definitely a chocolate mud, with a very chocolatey flavour and a dense and moist consistency. The rest of it was a little disapointing; I couldn’t taste a single ounce of coffee or mocha flavour anywhere in the whole thing. D insisted he could in the icing, but to me it just tasted like cream.

The Turkish Delight was also very dense and well-made, and the cake initially had a very strong white chocolate mud taste. Then – boom – the rosewater flavour hit me and I was in Istanbul noshing on fresh, powdery Turkish Delight. Very impressive. But, again, I was let down by the icing. It reminded me of that old-school frosting that makes up the letters and edging on generic birthday cakes. I really didn’t like the texture; it went okay with the cake, but by itself it was a bit nasty.

So, My Sweetopia gets major points for showing some imagination with their cakes, but the toppings fell a bit flat. I fear that they are too focussed on making very pretty cakes. But you know, that’s the reason most people really love cupcakes, so who am I to awkwardly climb on my high horse and judge?

My Sweetopia deserves massive, massive bonus points because they are open late on the weekend. It is sad when it’s a huge thing for a little dessert place/cafe to be open late on the weekend, but that’s Brisbane for you.

The cafe itself is small but bright, cheerful, and sweet. There’s lots of outdoor seating too. Even though I wasn’t totally blown away by their cakes, I’ll definitely be back; it’s rare to find a ‘sweet’ late-night spot.

My Sweetopia
Bakery, Cafe, & Catering

Shop 8
180 Grey St, South Bank

(07) 3844 3732

Open seven days

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  1. Gastronomy Gal says:

    I know what you are talking about- biting into cupcakes that look spectacular but taste very average…. I'll have to give sweetopia a go.

  2. Ailie says:

    sad about the espresso cake… apparently you just need a shot of espresso for a cake to make it taste like coffee?
    why don't people make special cake!!!! (Ally you've converted me).

  3. Ally says:

    I know, right? I want to see that coffee flavour really pop. Like, coffee flavoured cake, choc covered coffee bean garnish, etc. Get into it.

  4. kelly says:

    I tried Sweetopia (after accidentally stumbling upon it while passing through Soutbank) once and was sorely dissappointed.
    I was so impressed by the decor and cleverly decorated little delights that I decided to get a takeaway pack for a dinner party we were attending that evening, well wasn’t I a daft Betty not to sample first!
    The cake was dry, the icing was hard and the flavour overall was like cardboard meets artificial sweetener. Yuck.
    I had taken six to try and all were left half eaten, how disappointing.
    I ha a more positive experience at carnival cupcakes at Chirmside 🙂

  5. Me Time says:

    I work across the road and I have to say whilst their cupcakes look great they have nothing on the Cupcake Parlour down at West End and the coffee is unbelievably bad. Garage next door does amazing coffee

  6. Converted! says:

    I work in the area near mysweetopia too and recently saw they are under new management! wanting to give the new owners a chance and also noticing that they are using a new coffee blend, i bought a coffee and cupcake from them.
    Not to disagree with the previous writers but i have to say…
    Best coffee i’ve had in forever!
    Much better than garage who were prob selling lots of an ok product since next door used to be so terrible.
    try the new coffee out! trust me, these new girls make a mean coffee!

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