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Breakfast Organic “Stylez”
I have a lot of idiosyncrasies. I hate wearing wet socks. I hate pineapple in a ‘curry’. I never wear polka dots. There’s a lot, trust me. I also hate words spelt with a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’. And I have to be in a certain mood to enter places that serve ‘organic’ food because it usually means an automatic hike in prices. I’ve come around a little bit on the latter issue as I have a couple of friends who work for Australian Organic Certifiers, and I’ve eaten at a few restaurants that serve organic food that has been deliciously prepared (e.g. Mondo Organic, West End).

Despite this, it still surprised me on Saturday morning, when I called my friend Andrew up and said “Breakfast? Now?” and he mentioned Planet Matterz. I had driven past it countless times, recognising it as a ‘healthy’ food place but dismissing it as a grocer, in the realm of Mrs Flannery’s. But I’m always happy to be proven wrong.

Upon entering, you notice there’s seating outside, sheltered by trees, and spacious seating inside. There’s a deli counter with the chef and his staff bustling behind it, with sounds of sizzling bacon and bubbling/steaming milk emitting. There are also aisles and aisles of organic produce; fresh fruit & vegetables, organic bottled & canned goods, cheeses, milk, frozen Humble Pies – the usual stuff. But it’s well-lit, clean and not cramped. I spend a few minutes checking it all out before I look at the menu. I notice a big display unit showing delectable looking muffins, cakes, frittatas, stacks etc., but I glance at it quickly because I know I can get a little overzealous in my ordering, especially before my morning coffee.

Saturday was one of those elusive days where I felt like pancakes and not my usual egg variation. I scan the menu and to my disgust, there are no ‘pancakes with maple syrup’. I am unimpressed. There is a mention of it on the kids menu (‘Kids pancakes with banana and maple syrup’). I ask the staff member behind the counter if they do “adult pancakes”. He laughs. Of course they do. “But it’s not on the menu?” Regardless, they do serve it. I assume it’ll be the kids pancakes upgraded to ‘adult size’, and I order that and a serve of bacon (bless Canada). Andrew orders scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast. We both order coffees.

My total comes up to about $17, which doesn’t seem too painful. We sit down and about five minutes later, our coffees arrive. It’s very good coffee, made from Australian organic coffee. I couldn’t tell you if they had the right amount of foam in the latte, I just notice that it’s smooth, the coffee isn’t burnt and it tastes lovely. Andrew’s breakfast arrives, and he enquires about his bacon. The waiter doesn’t think Andrew ordered bacon. After looking at him pout for a few seconds, I offer (very generously) to share my bacon when it arrives.

My pancakes arrive and they are not what I expect. They are not pancakes smothered in maple syrup. Instead, it’s a stack of pancakes with berry compote and a scoop of ice cream. With a side plate of bacon. They must’ve thought I was just really craving bacon, not attempting to understand the beauty of maple syrup, bacon and pancake combination. Also, Andrew’s scrambled eggs look a bit like an omelette to me, but he insists they’re scrambled.

Regardless, I’m not in the mood to argue, so I tuck in. It’s very good. The pancakes are light and slightly sweet, the berry compote has mulberries and raspberries, and it’s all very tasty. The bacon is perfect. It had the consistency that I like: soft with crispy sides, and smoky. Deliciously smoky.

The staff at Planet Matterz are friendly, and seem genuinely happy to be there and that made the ambience good. But Andrew and I are reasonably relaxed customers, so we’re happy with our mismatched meals. There was no discounting that it was a well-prepared, tasty meal, but whether or not Andrew forgot to order bacon, or I didn’t clarify that I wanted pancakes with maple syrup, the experience felt a little perplexing. I am, however, very willing to give Planet Matterz another shot.

Planet Matterz
Organic Food Store and Café

684 Wynnum Rd, Morningside

Phone: (07) 3399-6008

Planet Matterz

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  1. Carlie says:

    I used to love this place, regularly eat there. We ate breakfast there this morning and I am appalled at the attitude of one of the chefs who came up to us and rudely told us to shut our baby up and have respect for the other customers in the place! My baby was chatting/squealing a bit, we had nearly finished our breakfast and were not far off leaving and he came up with so much anger, I thought he was going to flip out or something, he was so rude I am shocked at his approach! I thought this place was suspose to be baby friendly!?!? How can you tell a 11 month old to keep quiet!?!?! I will not be going there ever again!

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