Quick Bites: 2 October


Do you like food? Do you like attractive people? Do you like attractive people with exotic accents? Do you like attractive people with exotic accents serving you food? If you are nodding and frothing at the mouth right now, get ready: October is going to be a busy month for you.

1. Kick things off next weekend with EuroFest. Held at Surfers Paradise next Saturday (October 10), EuroFest promises food, drink, and performers from a variety of countries like Italy, Spain, France, and Ireland. Challenge an Irishman in the beer garden, woo an Italian at a food stall, and do a sexy little shuffle to some Spanish music. It’s on at Neal Shannon Park, it’s free, and things kick off at 11am. No guarantee of returning home in better shape than when you actually went to Europe.

2. Chow meets Ciao at New Farm Park. Fieritalia, AKA the Italian Festival, hits the popular riverside park in a couple of weeks (Sunday, October 18). Along with pasta making demos, classic Italian car exhibits, and a grape stomping competition, the $5 admission fee also gets you Italian food stalls, Italian beverage stalls, Italian live music, and Italian entertainment. Note: does not include actual Italian to take home. Check it out from 9am-5pm.

3. Ja, Ja, JA, JA JA, JA JAJAJAJAJA. Yes. It’s here. The big one. OKTOBERFEST! Whee. Ich bin excited. Ich bin looking forward to it. Ich nicht so gut at high school German. It’s on over two weekends (9-11 October, and 16-18 October) at the RNA Showgrounds. Ticket prices start from $10. There will be gingerbread, fresh pretzels, German pastries and cakes, German sausage, and of course, lots of Deutsch beer. Oh yeah, plus a bunch of other non food-and beer-related stuff (kiddie activities, music, dancing, rides, etc.). Wunderbar!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awwwsome. But when you said the EuroFest was held "tomorrow" on "October 10", were you writing in binary, since tomorrow is October 2.

  2. Ally says:

    Oops. Yeah I do that sometimes to keep you on your toes *shifty*..

    Cheers for letting me know!

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