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I can be extremely grumpy of a weekday morning. I have been known to scowl at people when they try to talk to me. When people chirp “Good Morning!”, I grunt in return. I’m not one of those people who needs caffeine before they can function normally-I’m just always in such a rush that I fear slowing down to mull over what a beautiful morning it is/there Kochie goes again/it’s going to be a scorcher/ will cut into my schedule.

Therefore, I like to take my time with breakfast on the weekends. Unfortunately, a recent Sunday breakfast was so rushed I felt like I was back in the unpleasant land of Monday mornings, grunting, and the magical dance I like to call Dressing While Eating.

I was at Simpatico, a pretty little restaurant in Paddington. On Sundays, the breakfast menu is all that they serve, which is absolutely fine. At first glance the menu seems standard-there’s pancakes (from $11), eggs (from $8), and fruit salad ($8.50). But wait-is that pancakes with bacon? As an actual menu item, not a side you have to add? The Canadian in me whooped with delight. Top marks, Simpatico.

Other unique dishes include the Breakfast Curry with Roti ($14), Turkish Toast with Crispy Haloumi and Chutney ($7.50) and the Turkish Eggs ($14). The Turkish Eggs are the bomb diddy. They would make any weekday morning a joy. They would make me happily sit down and discuss the weather. I would run around screaming a ‘good morning’ to anyone who would listen, and I’d even make sure I was dressed and showered, sans sleep-in-the-eyes (ew), before I sat down to these guys. So GOOD. Two poached eggs with a crispy shell were dusted in dukka, and rested atop a little stack of a cumin-spiced pumpkin fritter, avocado, and salsa. A few pieces of turkish toast accompanied everything. The flavours just all worked so amazingly well together. Sometimes a lot of thought isn’t put into breakfast dishes-this was so complex, like what you’d expect for dinner at a fine restaurant. The eggs are sort of crunchy, the salsa is sweet, and the fritter has a bit of spice to it-like a delicious cross between an Indian pakora and an onion ring. Mmmmm.

Across the table, my fork was also making frequent sweeps into D’s Freshly Made Pancakes with Bacon, Banana, and Maple Syrup ($14.50). The pancakes themselves were very fluffy and light, and cooked perfectly. The bacon was a little bit on the too-crisp side, but the bananas were perfect; very lightly cooked and a bit like a fritter. Again, all the flavours worked wonderfully together. There was the sweet taste of the syrup and banana, then the crunch of the bacon, and finally the fluffy, not too sweet pancakes to even everything out. The lemon on the side suprisingly tied everything together even more with its tart flavour. Plus, the maple syrup was actual maple syrup-extra points. “There should be more maple syrup,” D pouted. “I want to drown my pancakes in it.” Wah. Pay no attention, I felt the syrup serving was fine. Then again, I like to actually taste my food.

The coffees (latte and cappuccino, both $3.60 for skim), were also good, although I think charging an extra 30 cents for skim milk is a bit cheeky. The meals were brought out super-quickly, and here is where I start to get a bit whiny and Monday morning-ish. It’s great when things are prompt, but there is such a thing as being served too quickly in a restaurant. The bill was given almost immediately after the plates were cleared, and when the waiter returned our receipt, he basically flicked it onto the table in a swooping motion and dashed off. I felt very rushed towards the end, which is really what you don’t want for a Sunday breakfast. We were in and out in about 35 minutes, and we didn’t eat quickly either.

Now, despite this, the food is damn good, and the prices are very reasonable given the quality and portion sizes. There’s lots of outdoor seating, and a small amount indoors. Simpatico also do lunch and dinner, and have a bar for just drinks. Will I go back? Hell yes. But Simpatico, please do not rush me: I like to save my morning grumpiness for days that don’t begin in ‘S’.

Bar Bistro

Corner Given & Latrobe Terraces

(07) 3367 1117

Open for lunch and dinner Tues-Sat
Open for breakfast Sat & Sun

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  1. Nick McIntosh says:

    oh wow. that does look good!

    and like you i'm most impressed with the bacon pancakes – i still get funny looks when i order it at the pancake manor

    i will definitely be hitting this place soon

  1. 11/01/2010

    […] on Latrobe dishes up the best muesli I’ve had to date. Also nearby is Simpatico, home of some crazy delicious Turkish eggs, and Spoon Deli Cafe. Further down the road in Rosalie […]

  2. 03/03/2013

    […] heard many people claim that Anouk does the best breakfast in Brisbane. I can’t say I agree (Simpatico for me is the best), but they’re making some damn fine, inventive, unique […]

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