Sugar and Spice Mini Review

And All Things Nice

What are little Allys made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little Allys are made of. Well, in reality, I was sweaty, wearing old gym clothes, and probably didn’t smell that fantastic. But at that moment, sitting in Sugar and Spice in the city, I felt rather sweet and pretty.

The white chocolate triangle I was scoffing might have had something to do with it. This little beauty was like a cross between a brownie and a cheesecake. It was very dense and chocolately, but had a creamy aftertaste. Topped with a layer of white chocolate ganache, it was an absolute steal at $3. Most of the other treats at Sugar and Spice are the same price-like the brownie, pecan tart, or lemon tart. They’re all quite sizeable portions, and if the white chocolate triangle is anything to go by, the quality is fantastic. The pecan tarts in particular looked awesome-little piles of pecans were sitting in a rich, honey-coloured goo, all enclosed in a flaky pastry shell.

Sugar ‘n Spice bake all of their treats in their own patisserie, which is quite hard to find in this sad but delicious age of wholesale and mass production. They also sell sandwhiches and quiches, and coffee is priced from $2.80. The whole thing reeks of cheap and dodgy, right? But the ambiance is quite the contrary. It’s a cosy little space with warm colours, high stools (as in chairs. Not poo. In case you were wondering), and cute teapots and mugs adoring the walls.

Sugar ‘n Spice was one of those places that I passed by a million times a week and never went in. Now, I sort of wish I hadn’t gone in, because I know of the delights inside. Ass, expect to get a lot bigger in the months to come.

Sugar ‘n Spice

210 Adelaide St

79 Albert St
Brisbane (correct me if I’m wrong, and this location isn’t owned by the same people?)

(07) 3221 2222
Sugar 'n' Spice

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  1. Mele says:

    Is car parking an issue?

  2. ally says:

    It’s right in the CBD, Mele – so parking isn’t an issue if you’re willing to pay for it! Or you might be able to snag a cheaper park down the street towards Spring Hill.

  3. Garry says:

    Sugar n Spice is a step back into a little slice of Brisbane history. Apart from the excellent coffees and teas served with friendly professional ease the owner is to be commended for maintaining this silky oaken treasure. He shows great style and care in this city oasis. Offering delicious snacks to have with delicious coffee. You are never rushed even in this small comfortable possy. It is a welcome refuge in a busy city. Cafes come and go but it is most often the bland and bad… Sugar n Spice however is a real gem and my city visits always begin and end here. Thank you!

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