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A Night in Deliciousness

I believe what take out food your family ate frequently defined you as a child. It cements in you habits, tastes, and preferences. It carries you through primary school weekend treats, high school study breaks, and drunken late night cravings well into your twenties.

We were a Chinese and Thai family. Granted, we didn’t get take out often, but when we did it was usually honey sesame chicken, beef in black bean, and fried rice. I blame this for the fact that I had my first Indian meal at age 19. It’s not my fault-I wasn’t raised in that sort of household, okay?

So, lately I’ve been trying to leave behind the shackles of my childhood and get my Indian on. Recently I did this at A Night in India, in Toowong. I’ve heard people rave about it for ages, so figured it was time to flex my Indian muscle a bit more.

The decor of A Night in India is quite lovely; it’s decorated with Indian furtniture and art, but it is by no means tacky and has a warm ambiance. There’s lots of seating inside, and a few tables outside. We decided to sit outside, and while the view of High St isn’t exactly appealing, the seats were comfortable and it was actually quite pleasant.

We enjoyed some free crispy, grilled pappadams with our BYO wine ($1 corkage). The menu is fairly standard for an Indian place, but they clearly state a few points that aren’t found everywhere: all food is free from added preservatives, thickeners, gluten, and MSG; everything is cooked in cholesterol-free vegetable oil; all curries are low fat; and vegan meals are available on request.

We started with a Kashmiri Naan ($5)-a naan stuffed with dried fruit and coconut. This naan was entree, main, and dessert rolled into one. We split it, and half of the large portion was a perfect size(entree-check). It was filled with dried dates, raisins, coconut, and nuts, so it was quite substantial (main-check). It had a sweet flaky pastry, and coupled with the sweet fruits inside, it was like a sweet, over-stuffed pancake (dessert-check). Naan-alicious.

There’s a hotness scale of 1-7 on curries, ranging from mild/sweet, through to the big mama, and I quote: ‘Super HOT (ACTION!)’. Seriously, how good is that name?

I’ll just make one thing clear: I am a pussy when it comes to chilli. Judge me, I don’t care. Would you like a kleenex to wipe your tearing eyes and the boogies coming out of your nose? Yeah. Sometimes mild is good. With that said, I ordered mild/sweet for my main dish of Mango Vegetables ($15). My pal also ordered mild/sweet for her Chicken Korma ($17), so I had a partner in wimpness.

The dishes were both fantastic. They came with plenty of basmati rice, although I would have happily drunk the leftover sauce in mine like it was water. Big chunks of perfectly-cooked vegetables were covered in a light mango sauce that had a very delicate flavour.
There was a hint of fruitiness, but it didn’t scream mango: this was good, as I think mango sauce on vegies could be a bit sickly and overpowering.

The Chicken Korma had very tender chicken pieces, along with a creamy sauce that tasted like tomato, coconut, and peanut, all at the same time. We happily chowed down, only stopping to grunt words of appreciation.

A Night in India also offers Banquet options from $30. Judging from the large serves and good quality of our dishes, the banquet would be well worth the money.

The service here was also fantastic. Everyone was extremely polite, warm, and very welcoming. They do take-away too, so parents: have a think about how you want your children to be raised. Do you want them to live a sheltered life, never knowing the beauty of a fresh naan or a creamy Korma? Or do you want to raise them right?

You know what you need to do. The phone number is below.

A Night in India
Restaurant & Take Away

58 High St

(also at Carindale)

07 3217 7955


Open 7 nights for dinner
Open Wednesday-Friday for lunch

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  1. BENNNNNN says:

    ATTN: AUTHOR OF THE ARTICLE. We ate here the other week on your recommendation, it was libidinous. 3rd best Indian I’ve ever had.

  2. ally says:

    Was there no chilli in shot glasses there for you, BENNNNNN?

  3. Drew says:

    I have just ordered and realized I have ordered the korma with kashmiri naan again. Living life on the edge!

  4. ally says:

    You ordered India without me. You are dead to me.

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