Blue Lotus Review

I am a very tricky woman. You can’t fool me. That muesli slice, packed with nuts and seeds, that tastes healthy? I know there’s a block of butter in there. That fruit tart, packed with kiwis and peaches? I haven’t forgotten the thick layer of custard sitting under it. If something is bad for me, I want it to taste like it’s bad for me. Otherwise, what’s the point? If I want to eat something that tastes healthy, I’ll eat a damn apple, not a low fat apple muffin that’s crammed with sugar.

I had this conundrum recently at Blue Lotus, a lovely little cafe in Kelvin Grove. I ordered a massive Florentine cookie ($2.80). It appealed to me because it was the size of my head-and I have a big head. I’m not kidding, my noggin’ is large. That’s why I don’t buy hats. It’s sad, but I’m dealing with it.

Florentine Choc BaseThe cookie was packed with corn flakes, peanuts, raisins, and covered in a layer of chocolate. It was tasty-in a way, a Florentine isn’t a cookie per se as it’s very crunchy and hearty. It’s a bit like a muesli bar in round, cookie-shaped form.

As I was munching away I nearly fooled myself into thinking I was eating something remotely healthy. But I looked closer, and saw the lovely way the peanuts caramelised together, melting in with the fruit and the cornflakes, and suddenly realised I was, in fact, eating a sugar bomb. That’s totally cool-but it didn’t taste bad for me, and I knew it was bad for me. Dangerous.

Blue Lotus Florentine cookieNow, if you’re not retarded about such trivial things like I am, then go get yourself a Floretine, or any of Blue Lotus’ other sweet treats-the Melting Moments look buttery and rich, and the Banana Bread is enormous. Plus, the coffee is always good-my Merl0-blend skim cappuccino ($3.30) on this visit was so creamy I questioned whether there was a mistake and it was in fact full cream milk. Nup, just good coffee.

The cafe has lots of comfortable bench seating and cushions, both inside and out. It’s really quite a lovely place to chill out in, and the service is always friendly and fast. Blue Lotus do lunch as well, and I am holding out for Summer when their sad-looking empty gelati case is once again full.

I might just make one note too: on a lot of websites, Blue Lotus is described as a ‘dessert bar’. It definitely isn’t. Yes, there are yummy treats and at certain times of the year, gelati, but I’d just classify it as a standard, good cafe.

Short of buying a deep-fried Mars Bar wrapped in bacon, I’ll just have to try harder with what I pick when I next want something naughty.

Blue Lotus


Shop 16, The Village Centre

Cnr Musk Ave & Carraway St

Kelvin Grove


(07) 3832 9633

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  1. Gastronomy Gal says:

    I really don’t think you have an oversized head! I agree. Don’t masquerade as something good when you are something bad!

  2. I think we need to measure your head to settle this once and for all.

  3. ally says:

    Shall we measure it with cookies?

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