Tipple: Jazz Bar

Drink your Dessert

I’m starting to get into the cocktails lately. Don’t ask me why-it’s not like I can afford $20 drinks. When I’m standing at the bar, and I’m presented with a list of delicious concoctions, my mind seems to convince me otherwise.

Such was the case recently at the Jaz Bar, in Toowong. This restaurant/jazz bar specialises in Stonegrill dining, and the dinner and lunch menu is well worth a look. But really, you’d be crazy to side step the cocktails: Jazacino with coffee, Baileys, Tia Maria, milk, and honey. Their menu also included other classics like a Pina Colada and Long Island Ice Tea, and they also offer Virgin Cocktails. It may seem like an odd-looking restaurant from the outside, as it’s positioned over a Woolworths carpark. But don’t let that put you off-inside is quite pleasant and spacious, with a large bar area, a deck, and a jazz musician playing away.

We started with a Lychee Sundae (Lychee Liquer, Baileys, Midori, lychees, and cream), and a Watermelon Kiss (Chambord, Mango Liquer, Lychee Liquer, muddled watermelon, and pineapple juiec). They were both $16, which is really quite reasonable.

The Watermelon Kiss was very refreshing and fruity, and didn’t have a strong alcohol flavour. It sort of was like what would happen if you were a kid with a slushie, and you ‘accidently’ broke intlo your parents’ liquor cabinet with a paper clip and a safety pin. Not that I’ve ever done anything remotely like that.

The Lychee Sundae absolutely trumped the Kiss. It was amazing. It had the consistency of mushed up ice cream, and had a fantastic creamy and tangy flavour. I threw caution to the calorie wind and we ordered more.

This time, my pal got the Lychee Sundae (she had cocktail envy; plus, it’s that damn good), and I went with the Toblerone. It had a very strong chocolate and hazelnut flavour, which was a bit confusing; since when does a Toblerone have hazelnut in it? Have I been eating the wrong pyramid-shaped chocolate all this time? It didn’t bother me too much though, because again, it tasted awesome.

It’s drinks like these that you truly savour, and not knock back like you’re a 16 year old on a Vodka Cruiser. The barman definitely knew what he was doing with a cocktail, which is actually something hard to find in a lot of bars.

Cocktails are the new dessert, people. Take note.

Jaz Restaurant & Wine Bar

80 Jephson St

(07) 3870 1111


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