Bittersweet Chocolate Boutique Review

I love chocklit

The other Saturday I was at a loss with what to do with myself. Friends were busy or working; D was away; even my own mother didn’t have time for her favourite child (it’s true, I am the favourite. When my brothers aren’t around she tells me. Ha ha ha).

So, what does one do when they are bored, and don’t have to worry about pleasing someone else with what they want to do?

One goes to a chocolate store.

I’ve been wanting to go to Bittersweet at the Petrie Terrace Barracks for ages. There’s not too many specialty chocolate stores in Brisbane, and I wasn’t overly impressed with the last one I visited.

Hello Lover

Hello Lover

Bittersweet is a small shop (note: take-away treats only, no coffee or seating), but it’s crammed with goodies. I couldn’t believe it when I saw they also had BROWNIES. BROWNIES and CUPCAKES. The brownies looked really rich and fudgy, and the cupcakes were quite pretty and also looked like they had a little somethin’ somethin’ hiding under all that icing.

So, I stood in the shop in agony: did I get the brownie? Did I get the truffles? Did I get both? Eventually I decided on just the truffles (brownies, I will be back), and then moved on to the next daunting task: deciding which truffles to get.

Wait, I better correct myself: Bittersweet offers truffles, creams, liquers, nuts & fruits, and caramels. There are unique truffle flavours like Prune & Port and Chesnut & Cognac, as well as old favourites in the form of Lime and Raspberry Liquers.

Coconut Liquer Truffle; White Chocolate Truffle

I went with a White Chocolate Truffle and a Coconut Liquer Truffle. I’m a white choc fiend, but there’s a huge variety of milk and dark chocs too. The value of these chocolates is really good – two truffles were under $4. A bit better than paying $2.90 for one.

Somehow, I managed to save them for the NEXT FOUR DAYS. Wtf? This is unheard of. Wait, it gets better: I even split them with D. What is wrong with me?

I immediately regretted splitting them when I bit into the Coconut Liquer. The filling had stayed incredibly creamy, even though it had been in my fridge. The coconut on the outside added a nice crunch, and there was a definite alcoholic bite to the filling. It wasn’t ‘gooey’ like you’d expect a liquer to be, but rather the filling was very whippy and enclosed in a hard white chocolate shell.

The White Chocolate Truffle was my favourite. It was similar to the Coconut Liquer, but it was smoooooth baby. It had the same soft, whippy centre with a hard shell. They’re both very rich, but very satisfying too-just half of each satiated my sweet tooth.

Bittersweet, I will be back. I might even take someone else along this time too.

Chocolate Boutique

Shop 8, The Barracks
61 Petrie Tce, Paddington

(07) 3367 3323

Open seven days, Thursday until 8pm.

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  1. michaela says:

    oh my goodness you are hilarious! Ahh i love chocolate and i love your wesite…hmm i think this is going into favourites……

  2. ally says:

    And I love you. Flattery will get you everywhere with me!

  1. 12/02/2010

    […] when I couldn’t finish my hot chocolate. It got worse when I managed to keep some Bittersweet truffles in my fridge for five whole days without touching them. And then there was the other day at […]

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