Quick Bites: Christmas 2009 Special

Someone's been naughty.

Someone's been naughty.

Ho ho ho. That’s what the boys yell at me when I wear my spandex, cut-out body suit trimmed with fur. No, I kid. I am very anti-fur.

Christmas is indeed coming folks, so why not start the fat wagon a little earlier and embrace the festive spirit now? Go on. Buy that Homebrand fruit pudding from the supermarket. Get stuck into the candy canes. Buy an advent calendar and eat all the chocolates before the 24th.

Or, you could just do one of the following Christmas-y things that are coming up:

1. Make like Santa at the Little Stanley St markets. Santa clearly likes food. He also likes gifts. Why not combine the two, and check out ‘Christmas Magnifique’, held on Friday December 18. Little Stanley Street in South Bank will morph into a food haven, with lounge areas set up offering wine, tapas, beers, coffee, and pastries. Food from a variety of restaurants will be on offer, like La Via, dell ‘Ugo, Toscani’s, and Satay Hut. There will also be installations, gorgeous decorations, and sculptural lights. Afterwards, pick up a gift or two (or more food-whatever) at the markets, which are open until 10pm. Tickets are available via the website.

2.  Shun the big chain stores at the Handmade Expo. Look, I freaking love Myer. A trip to Coles gets me excited. Kmart? Forget about it. I’m there. But, there is something heartfelt about a unique gift that has been made with love. Check out the Handmade Expo’s Christmas Market, held next Saturday (December 12). The Expo will have Christmas gifts, handmade fudge, and other yummy treats.

3. Spread some cheer via the Foodbank. Remember, Christmas can be a pretty crappy time for a lot of people who are a little more disadvantaged than others. You can help by donating cans to Foodbank, a charity that collects food for charities and for the needy. There’s a cage outside supermarkets at Retail First centres, or you can drop them off to places like the CityNews office in Milton.

Most importantly, here is the other Christmasy-thing you can start doing right now. Bake. Bake your little heart out. It’s fun. It results in a nice gift. And raw cake batter is the bomb.

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