Quick Bites: NYE 2009


I’ve done some weird and wonderful things on New Years Eve.  I’ve eaten pavlova off the floor (long story). I’ve grumpily taken myself to bed at 11pm after a fight with friends. I’ve stood on Moggil Road and made suspicious gestures to passing buses.

Not really wanting to repeat any of the above (except maybe for the pavlova), I am really stuck for how to spend my last night of 2009 next week. There is this annoying pressure to do something on NYE, so if you’re like me, the following suggestions might help:

1. Suit up at the City Hall Ball. The theme this year is ‘Titanic’, and it’ll be the last event in the historic building before renovations start the next day. Tickets are $148, but you get a buffet, spirits, wine, beer, and five party zones. I’m not sure what a party zone is, but I’m hoping it’s a location on land and not a seedy pick up line. Tickets via Ticketmaster.

2. Ring in the New Year under the stars at Limes. The hotel’s rooftop bar is hosting a NYE party that promises to be lavish. Dress code is ‘penthouse style’. I’ll assume this means you still need to wear clothes. Ticket prices are erm, a little ambitious ($225), but entry includes an open bar with cocktails, DJs, and gourmet canapes. Book online.

3. Unmask at midnight at Uber. The West End bar is having a masquerade party, with free food from 7pm-9pm and a crapload of cool DJs. The best part? It’s only $10! Tickets available at the door, or phone 07 3846 6680.

“Hold up,” I hear you say. “I’m not made of money, A-dawg. What do I do if I’m short on cash?”

4. Emporium Hotel in the Valley will be hosting guitarist, Ron Walker, from 7pm-midnight. Entry is free!

5. Southbank is hosting the infamous fireworks once again. If you can grin and bear the crowds, it’s the best spot to watch the sky light up. Don’t become one of those angry people who scoff at fireworks. Enjoy them!

6. If you’re still stuck, chances are your usual or favourite bar will be open and operating as normal, no fancy event or pricetags attached. Or you can visit First Choice and politely inform your best friend they’ll be having a NYE BBQ at their place.

If all else fails? I know a ripper pavlova recipe.

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  1. Katelin says:

    I just wanted to say how excellent I think your site is. Your reviews are so entertaining and detailed, they’ve amused me through an entire day of work! You’ve made me aware of the great eating opportunities that exist in Brisbane. Next time I’m going out to eat I’ll be checking this site first for ideas!

  2. ally says:

    Aw, Katelin! You’re making me blush! Glad you like it 🙂 Keep visiting! xx

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