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I’m a creature of habit when it comes to food. At 10.30am, nearly every day, I can be found in front of my computer eating two fresh dates and sipping instant coffee. I always eat my soft lollies before my chocolate ones. And you’ve read before about my liking for ordering the same breakfast. 

It was a welcome relief recently to be able to try somewhere new that I might not have thought of otherwise. D and I were the lucky guests of the Gazebo Resturant, in the Urban Hotel in Spring Hill. I hadn’t heard of it before, which was unfortunate, as the hotel restaurant is a lovely spot. There’s seating inside, a chic bar area, and a large outdoor area. The outdoor area has a great relaxed feel-like you’re sitting on a friend’s patio, except the napkins are nicer (cloth!!!) and no one is passed out in the corner. 

We had imbibed a bit too much that night before at The Continental Cafe, so just went with Diet Cokes. I know, we are hardcore. The wine list, though, is huge, and I was pleased to see a variety of beers like Little Creatures. 

The menu is small, but there’s a range of dishes that would suit most tastes. Gaezbo also specify which dishes are gluten-free, which is heaven for the wheat intolerant among us. I went with the Pork Medallion with Braised Red Cabbage, Fig Compote & Port Reduction ($30). D puffed up his chest and ordered the very manly-sounding Heritage MSA Beef Fillet with a Sichuan Crust, Red Claw Yabbies, Roasted Royal Blue Potato and Salsa Verde ($40). We also did the nasty and ordered a side of Beer Battered Chips with Chilli Jam & Lime Aioli ($8).

The waiter who was serving us was truly fantastic. He was genuinely friendly, professional, and quietly attentive. It also says a lot that he only found out about halfway through the meal that I would be reviewing the restaurant, so his service definitely wasn’t biased or fake. 

Fancy a Pork?

I’m not really a pork girl, but this pork was fantastic. Two very large pieces sat atop a bed of warm cabbage, with the relish on top. I loved this fruity relish-it was sweet but not overpowering, and paired wondefrfully with the pork. I suspect it would go with any pig product, or perhaps with any spoon or finger/digging implement. 

I liked the cabbage salad too, but felt it was missing a little something. The pork, salsa, and salad went well together, but they needed something to tie it all together. I think the dish would benefit with another vegetable, or another flavour to the plate; without this, the cabbage sort of let the dish down with its blandness. 

Beef 'n' Bug

D’s plate was impressive, with a yabby (yabby? yabbie? Help me out here people) proudly guarding a fillet of beef. The dish was tasty, D’s only complaint? The beef was slightly overcooked, and the yabby was too damn hard to eat. We need finger bowls and a hammer, people. Nevertheless, it was a tasty dish, with generous servings of perfectly crisp beans and creamy potato. 

Best chips ever!

Now. Can we talk about the chips? These were just perfect. They were chunky, with a crispy beer battered shell, and just the right amount of grease. The lime aioli was delicious, and, as we discovered, even better with the chilli jam mixed in. We scoffed these bad boys down. 

Needless to say, after large mains and a bucket of fries, we were stuffed. The desserts were crazily cheap ($8 each!?), but I just couldn’t fit it in. So, there we go: I broke a second habit that night. I didn’t have dessert. Gazebo, you and your chips have done something to me.

Gazebo Restaurant

Ground Floor

Hotel Urban, 345 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane

(07) 3831 6177

Thanks to Hotel Urban and the Gazebo Restaurant

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    […] Hotel Urban’s Gazebo restaurant is serving a three course meal + a bottle of Moet & Chandon for $110 per person. I hear there will be oysters…phone Hotel Urban on  07 3831 6177 to book. […]

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