Quick Bites Special: Australia Day 2010

My God I love Australia Day. A day where you can run around in ruggers, drink VB, and wear multi-coloured Zinc on your face without judgement is okay with me. Personally, I prefer to crash a friend’s/lover’s/random’s BBQ on the day, but if you’d like to venture out and celebrate with strangers here are a few things that are on:

1. Check out one of the biggest backyard BBQs at the Doomben Racecourse, in Ascot. The track will be home to a massive backyard BBQ on January 26, with $2 snags, $2 lamingtons, and $2 soft drinks. If that doesn’t grab you, check this out: Lincoln Lewis will be there. As in, son of Wally. As in, spunk from Home & Away. There will also be massive competitions, entertainment, and kids activities. For more information visit http://www.brc.com.au

2. Grab a beer and some free beef at the Lord Stanley Hotel. This East Brisbane pub is putting on a free BBQ between 3-5pm. The only catch? It’s only available with drinks purchase. Um, damn. For more information email lordstanley@ourhotels.com.au

3. Listen to the Hottest 100 in style at the Greystone Bar & Cellar. This funky Southbank bar will be playing the Triple J 2009 countdown live, plus they have a pretty tasty meny too. 7/166 Grey St, Southbank.

4. Grab a gourmet snag at Limes. This rooftop bar in the Valley will be hosting an all-day BBQ, plus playing the Hottest 100 and offering buckets of icy Coronas and Pure Blondes (where’s the XXXX and the VB though, Limes?) Visit www.limeshotel.com.au for more information.

5. Celebrate in an Aussie-named venue at the Melbourne Hotel. This West End venue are also jumping on the gourmet BBQ and buckets of icy beer bandwagon, and I love them for it. Email Penelope@themelbournehotel.com.au for more information.

An important part of Australia Day is acknowledging the fact that it’s the day the many subsequent problems with indigenous peoples started. While you enjoy your snag and dirty beer, please remember the true original Australians of this country. Getting off soapbox now.

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