T4 Pizza Review

Back when I was at uni, I was studying advertising and was doing an campaign for UDLcans. It was also the early days of D, and we were on a little date. Since I was studying UDL cans so on such an intense level, I had to buy a six pack and take them on the date with us to T4’s in Toowong.

I remember two things about that date. The UDLs tasted good and the pizza did not. But times change; now I’ll only drink the lemon & lime flavour, and T4 Pizza has improved immensely. The last time I had it, it was just incredibly average. Ordinary base, decent enough flavour, but nothing that made me better about the fact I paid three times more for something that was marginally beter than Dominos.

Recently, I stopped by T4s because damnit, I felt like some pizza for dinner, and Dominos is only acceptable at 3 in the morning. I got a takeaway small Margarita ($9~), and a half serve of garlic bread ($2~). Their menu is pretty large, and they have a variety of regular and gourmet pizzas. T4s also do pastas and salads, and are BYO. There’s not a huge amount of seating, but it’s a cosy place to people watch.


On first looking at the pizza, I was surprised. It had a lovely thin and crisp crust, and wasn’t crazily saucy or overloaded with cheese-just how I like it. While there was a minimal amount of basil, it tasted really good! It was chewy and flavourful, and the simple flavours all worked together well. I really like this style of pizza, and find it similar to what I’ve had in Italy. The base also reminds me of New York Slice, another favourite. While the pizza was good, the garlic bread made me furious. LOOK AT THIS, people, look at this **:

What the hell is that. I know it was only a couple of dollars, and I know it’s a ‘half serve’, but seriously? The bread was too hard and not garlicky to boot. I had crumbs from the crust flying everwhere as I angrily gnawed on this sorry excuse for garlic bread.

So. Change can be a wonderful thing. T4’s, you’ve gotten it half right-now I just need to do the same and switch to Smirnoffs.

Pizza Cafe & Takeaway
33 High St

(07) 3371 6333

** Teh internetz is mad at me and this garlic bread photo won’t display on the home page. Simply click on ‘T4 Pizza Review’ to open the review in a separate page and see el carbo!

10 Responses

  1. Gastronomygal says:

    oh dear- that is a sorry excuse for garlic bread- isn’t it.

  2. Joy says:

    What a great review! There are a few places I’ve been to that have surprised me in their improvements – glad this is one of them for you – but what the hell is going on with that garlic bread???

  3. ally says:

    I know right? It wasn’t like I was expecting an entire loaf of French bread or anything, but the above wouldn’t even scare an Atkins fanatic.

  4. Fuzz says:

    The pizza there is amazing, try the Astro Boy next time….
    The garlic bread, the get the bread from bakers delight in the village, but you have to ask for extra garlic, the more the better.

  5. myeyesarebiggerthanmybelly says:

    I believe that the best garlic bread is actually a pizza from Gino’s at Hamilton! I prefer the pizza myself, but my friends adore the garlic bread.

  6. ally says:

    I’ll have to check both of those places out. Thanks for the tips guys!

  7. eatingyumyums says:

    I have to disagree about the garlic bread-it’s usually fabulous! Bad garlic bread from them is very out of the ordinary. It usually has parsley on it too!

  8. Jill says:

    This place is great. I have never had a bad experience here. Can’t get better quality pizza’s in this area for this price. Its BYO as well! Don’t listen to the moron who wrote about the garlic bread.

  9. ally says:

    FYI – That moron wrote the review and approves your comments.

    Glad to hear you like T4, Jill!

  10. wow- nice one Jill. All class.

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