Guest Reviewers

What up y’all?

Do you like to eat? Can you write a coherent sentence? Do you vomit when you see people failing to spell ‘definite’ correctly? Do you know the difference between cannoli and cannelloni, but can still appreciate a greasy fast food burger?

I’m always keen for guest reviewers to post on the site. If you’ve got a restaurant/cafe/dodgy takeaway review, or if you’ve got something in mind, email me at If you’ve got cookies, send them on in too.

Review Guidelines
-Reviews must be honest and reflect your true opinion
-Reviews must not be defamatory, or include information that you’re not sure is correct (and you haven’t specified you’re not sure)
-Reviews must be about one particular visit, not a summary of a number of visits.
-Reviews must include at least one relevant photograph.
-Reviews should follow a light, casual style. Weave some personal stuff in there! Have fun with it!
-Reviews should have a minimum of spelling and grammatical errors. I’m not perfect myself, but please do a triple-check before you send it in.
-Reviews should include the establishment’s name; phone number; address; and web address if applicable, at the bottom.
-Reviews should be fairly concise, but should cover food; service; ambiance; and anything else you deem relevant to your experience.
-Reviews must not include any comments that are remotely racist, homophobic, or derogatory against Canadians and/or Nutella.

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