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One morning, after a bit of a hectic night, I stood in front of my open fridge and chugged a huge glass of milk. I have no idea why milk seemed like an ideal beverage at the time, but I do remember how damn refreshing it was. People, if you can get over the chance it will make you sick, I can definitely recommend an icy glass of moo juice for the morning after.

We had the ultimate in refreshing milk the other weekend at Milk. We passed Milk on the way to an errand in Newmarket, and it was a sign – I’d heard about them and had been wanting to visit. I believe there’s one at Ashgrove (is this a chain or a coincidence?)

Milk has tried to model itself on those old-school milk bars, offering the comforts of milkshakes, spiders, and old-fashioned lollies. I really love this concept, but I think Milk has fallen flat just a little bit. The little baggies of strawberries and cream are there, the extensive ice cream spider menu is there too, and there’s even kitschy seats and decorating. But let me ask you this: did your corner store have Asian Brown Rice Salad? No. No, you had a shriveled up pork roll and you liked it. Did it have fancy little gingerbread cupcakes? No, you chowed down on stale doughnut men, dammit. While the cupcakes and salads looked pretty tasty, I’d love to see more old-school food. Pies! Doughnuts! Sandwiches on blindingly white bread! We’ve heard of gastro-pub, what about gastro-milk bar? They do do an all-day breakfast though, which is very commendable.

So, like I said, we were craving some calcium. I got a Coconut Walnut Milkshake, and D ordered the Caramel Thickshake ($10.45 all up). There’s a huge range of milkshake and thickshake flavours, and you can order a ‘skinnier’ version made with skim milk. My milkshake was tasty and has pleasant hints of coconut, but not much of the walnut. D’s thickshake trumped mine – it was super thick, creamy, and really sweet. In a word, awesome. Plus, they were both served in those massive silver tin cups – oh yeah. I felt like I was six years old again, except I don’t know many six year olds who…never mind.

The milkshakes are really good, but it’s a shame that Milkbar don’t, erm, ‘milk’ their concept a bit more. After all, milk is never a bad choice.

Milk Cafe

Windsor Homezone
142 Newmarket Rd, Windsor

(07) 3357 3009

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  1. In Gunne- We had a gorgeous little milk bar called the busy bee that only served toasted sandwiches, lollies, milkshakes and their ‘orange freeze.’ It was seriously authentic because it was not ‘retro’ – the decor just hadn’t changed since the 1950’s. I want to find another one of these places in Bris. so sweet.

  2. kelly says:

    hahaha hilarious review!!

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